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Five Must-See Movies Based on a True Story

There have been more “true story” movies than I can count, so it can be a daunting genre to look at. In the video below, I take a stab at picking five true stories that were turned into movies that … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Facebook

Special shoutout to the amazing Laura Coffman for being my muse on this post and giving me this idea. She is fantastic. Facebook has changed more times than I can count. But it’s because of this constant change that it’s … Continue reading

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Facebook Review: Angry Birds

Angry Birds. If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year, Angry Birds has swept the mobile gaming world by storm. But for those of us with phones that can barely take pictures, we’ve been out of the … Continue reading

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(Facebook Review) CSI: Crime City

  CSI: Crime City. Since I’m trying to avoid Zynga games (after this), I thought I would try the pretty popular Crime Scene Investigation foray into Facebook gaming. I’ve seen the first 10 (I think) seasons of CSI so I … Continue reading

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Zynga: Blood in the Water or a Starving Shark?

Zynga. The near-billion dollar god of the social gaming platform. Zynga is the powerhouse behind Farmville and other population-building games like Castleville, Empires and Allies, CityVille and more. They’ve also branded the successful Words with Friends and even popular Zynga Poker … Continue reading

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Facebook Review: Castleville

Castleville. Yes, Zynga pumps out games like a rabbit. I can’t even keep up. I’ve already reviewed Cityville and Empires and Allies, and now I’ve run across their latest city-building game, set in a medieval fantasy world… Castleville. I’m not in … Continue reading

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Facebook Review: GnomeTown

GnomeTown. This Disney Facebook game mixes enough CityVille to make it easily accessible to the masses, mixes in some unique concepts, and has some definite appeal. But when there’s some major competition out there, does this game deserve your time? … Continue reading

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