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2014 End of the Year Mashups

Back in the late 2000s, DJ Earworm began a trend of taking the year’s top songs and mashing them up into one single track. Now, it’s become a common trend for popular mashup artists and DJs. Here are the videos … Continue reading

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End of the Year Mashups!

I’m a big fan of the mashup/remix genre and the end of the year is always an exciting time, as DJs release mashups that incorporate all the biggest songs of the year. Sometimes this means including songs that were on … Continue reading

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How Far We’ve Come… (A Look Back)

It’s been about 7 or 8 months since I began writing for I Am Your Target Demographic and I thought now would be a fitting time to look back at how far we’ve come, and what you’ve missed out on. … Continue reading

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Kanye West vs Eminem

Article written 8/30/11 by Adam R. Daniels, Who is better? Marshall Mathers III or Kanye West? This is a heated debate and I’m hardly the first to ask the question. I’ve had this idea for about a year but … Continue reading


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For Those That Love Music

I think of music like most people think of food. I know things that work and I know things that don’t work. And when you take multiple amazing things and try to combine them together, it can be heaven on … Continue reading

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Review: The Stereophones, “Trouble”

The Stereophones, “Trouble.” Imagine this concept: In the span of one month, you must write a song, record the song, make it perfect, and then also create a music video. There are reasons that artists take a few years to … Continue reading

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