Review: The Hustle (2019)

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The Hustle.

A lot of folks seemed to forget this movie was coming out. Let me tell you if this is a movie you should make a point to go check out or if it’s fine to leave it alone.

The gist.

Josephine Chesterfield (Anne Hathaway) is an established and wealthy con-woman, able to acquire millions from unsuspecting men. She then meets Penny (Rebel Wilson), a boisterous and loud aspiring con-woman who tramples into Josephine’s world. Their rivalry soon ropes in a tech millionaire named Thomas (Alex Sharp) and the two must compete to win his affection (and money).

What works?

If you’re a fan of Rebel Wilson, you’ll love her here. My wife says she’s “Lucille Ball with a dash of Amy Schumer.” Her dynamic with Anne Hathaway is also pretty great. While originally an odd pairing, it mostly works. It’s a little reminiscent of Hathaway’s recent role in Ocean’s 8 so if you enjoyed that film, you might also love this. The two leads have a great time and provide some laughs.

I also appreciated relative newcomer Alex Sharp, who plays the unsuspecting tech mogul Thomas. There’s a few twists and turns involved that you may or may not enjoy but I found him mostly likable and believable.

What doesn’t work?

Rebel plays the same character in every movie. Pitch Perfect, Isn’t It Romantic, Bridesmaids… It’s almost like Kevin Hart. He does one thing really well and if you’re into that, this movie is right up your alley. I found her character to be a little grating here but I think it’s intentional.

This movie also has a humor problem (or rather a lack of humor problem). It’s fairly bland for most of its runtime, resulting in very little laughter. Leaving the theater, I was not thinking about the jokes or how much fun I had. It was a movie that happened and I watched it.

I also don’t think this movie nailed the landing. The climax is a little wonky and the movie ends on “Will we see a sequel?” note that I didn’t really appreciate.

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This movie is the absolute definition of “average.” You might laugh, sure, but in a month, you’ll likely have forgotten everything about this. It offers nothing unique and our leads are exactly like characters you’ve seen them do before. Will you enjoy it? Maybe. Get some popcorn and veg for an hour, this movie will likely help you pass the time.



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