Review: Second Act

Second Act.

Life is looking discouraging for Maya (Jennifer Lopez). She’s passed up for a promotion and her relationship (with Milo Ventimiglia) is on the rocks. She has a strong friendship (with Leah Remini) that is tested when Remini’s son creates a fake online presence for Maya, including a fake Facebook profile and a fake resume. This gets Maya a job with esteemed Franklin and Clark, though Maya must convince them all that she belongs and keep her real life secret. A young Vice President (Vanessa Hudgens) starts a competition with Maya, leading Maya to team with an oddball group including Charlyne Yi and Alan Aisenberg.

What works?

This movie really surprised me, in the best of ways. Jennifer Lopez delivers an incredible performance here, diving much deeper than the trailers would lead you to believe. This movie has a strong emotional throughline and many of you (if you’re like me) will get a little teary-eyed throughout the film.

It’s not just an emotional drama, it’s also a fairly successful comedy. The movie smartly spreads the comedic relief out, so if one of the actors doesn’t resonate with you, some of the other comedy might. For example, Leah Remini delivers some killer lines but if you find her character abrasive (which is totally possible), you might instead find Charlyne Yi’s humor more palatable. I was laughing throughout most of this movie’s runtime, much more than I expected.

I also expected a certain storyline, something I thought I could predict, but I have to applaud this movie for a major curveball about halfway into the movie, something the trailers don’t allude to at all. This new plot might’ve also been a tad predictable in how it played out, but it was refreshing that this movie went down a different path.

What didn’t work?

Like I said above, this movie is fairly predictable if you’ve seen any movie with the “people don’t know the real them” conceit. Luckily, this movie executes that conceit much better than some other films in this genre.

I also mentioned above that you might not be into the style of humor that some of our talent here puts on display. Both Leah Remini and Charlyne Yi were hilarious to me, but you may find either (or both) of them to be off-putting.


I can strongly recommend Second Act to most people. It’s funny, it’s creative, and it pulls at your heartstrings throughout. Jennifer Lopez delivers one of her best performances and the supporting cast perfectly complements her. If you’re looking for a comedy and think this looks interesting, you should feel confident that it’s a solid pick.


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