Review: Hotel Artemis

Hotel Artemis.

This movie is flying a bit under the radar but it looked like it had all the ingredients of something really unique, so I wanted to make sure to check it out. Does it succeed?

The gist.

Welcome to the Hotel Artemis, a hotel in a futuristic Los Angeles. Riots are happening all over the city over clean water. In this hotel, the Nurse (Jodie Foster) has a floor dedicated to taking care of criminals, using a strict set of rules to ensure everyone’s safety, including a brute enforcer (Dave Bautista). The hotel is full of interesting characters including a deranged arms dealer (Charlie Day), a renowned assassin (Sofia Boutella), and a robber who just pulled off a major heist (Sterling K. Brown). This night goes sideways when a cop asks for entrance (Jenny Slate) at the same time as one of the most threatening crimelords in LA calls for a room (the Wolf King of Los Angeles, Jeff Goldblum).

What works?

This is an incredibly eclectic cast and they all serve their roles perfectly. Jodie Foster carries the film, in a role unlike anything she’s ever played. She’s surrounded by powerhouse up-and-comers, notably Dave Bautista, Sterling K. Brown, and Sofia Boutella. These are all people who have excelled in other roles and get a chance here to do something very different.

The plot here is a nice twist on the “hotel full of strangers” trope, as we slowly learn why these people here and what they have to do with each other. There are some fun and thrilling reveals, keeping you wondering and guessing until the final moments.

There’s also plenty of action that punctuates the film, culminating in an incredible hallway fight scene in the climax that may rank as one of the coolest fight scenes of the year (it’s a little early to call it for sure).

What doesn’t work?

Very little luckily. This movie shares a lot in common with the John Wick franchise though doesn’t quite exceed as highly as those movies do. It’s good but this movie isn’t going to win any awards and might constantly be compared to those films. But if our biggest disappointment is that “This movie isn’t as good as John Wick,” then we still have a pretty great movie here.


A thrilling yet intimate story, with some exceptional performances and some great action pieces. Jodie Foster and her supporting cast all impress here and the plot will have you on the edge of your seat until the credits roll. Most of you should have a really great time here.


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