PREVIEW: The Margins – Graphic Novel

Our friends over at Fanbase Press have offered us a unique preview of their upcoming series The Margins, so below you can read the first 8 pages of this interesting new series.


Artist Charley Keo’s new gig begins as a fun challenge to breathe new life into the forgotten pulp world of Elad – this time as a comic book. But as tendrils of this lost realm creep into her sleepy Portland neighborhood, Charley realizes that Elad is much more than the lines on a day-dreamt map, more than the sum of an old hack’s prose. Elad has its hooks in Charley, and what was once fantasy has become deadly reality for both the artist and the woman she loves.

Examining creativity’s dual nature in providing a healthy outlet for self-expression as well as a mechanism for avoidance, the graphic novel explores the excitement of an artist unlocking their imagination and the dire consequences of getting lost . . . in the margins.

Written by David Accampo and Paul Montgomery. Illustrated by Amanda Donahue.

And hopefully that’s enough to tease you into looking into this title some more!

I’m intrigued by this title and its unique way to tell a story and multiple art styles all wrapped into one. Fanbase Press has a history of innovative ways to tell stories, so if you want something unique, look into their website for ways to preorder the trade paperback!


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