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It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten a big disaster spectacle film, so Geostorm arrives to fix that, perhaps giving us the most extensive and most varied disasters of all time. Is it good though?

The gist.

We meet Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler), who created something called “Dutch Boy,” which is a series of satellites that can nullify extreme weather patterns and therefore ends things like tornados and hurricanes. Things start to go awry and it looks like someone is weaponizing these satellites, building up to a worldwide extinction event known as a ‘geostorm.’ We’ve got Jake’s brother (Jim Sturgess) and his Secret Service girlfriend (Abbie Cornish) in the mix, as well as the President of the US (Andy Garcia) and his Secretary of State (Ed Harris).

What works?

If you go into this movie expecting everything that made films like The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 work, you’ll be satisfied here. The highlight is definitely the disasters, giving us an incredible variety. Since it’s malicious, that means disasters of any sort can happen anywhere, so we see things like a heatwave across Russia or a massive typhoon sweeping through the Middle-East. It all looks pretty awesome and that’s a good thing.

Now, here’s the thing. I’m not going to give this movie a great (or good) score, if you haven’t already peeked. But some of you will love this movie because it’s so bad. It’s a movie that you can talk through and make fun of and this will definitely gain a cult following, like the Sharknado films. It’s ridiculous and stupid but that doesn’t mean you won’t have fun watching it.

geostorm 2

What doesn’t work?

This movie is incredibly stupid most of the time. In terms of plot, don’t try to wrap your head around it. Just enjoy the spectacle. There are story beats that make no sense but are only there to trigger more action, so don’t think too critically.

The dialogue is incredibly dramatic and that makes a lot of very serious scenes laughable. As the countdown to the ‘geostorm’ counts down, it just gets more and more absurd. The actors, to their credit, give it 110% and you can tell they’re trying, which just makes the absurdity more hilarious.

Those two things combined dock a lot of points from this film. It’s not good by any stretch of the imagination. With a nonsensical story and cringeworthy dialogue, there’s only so much the visual effects can redeem.

This movie also doesn’t do anything original, giving us clones of characters from every other disaster flick ever released, so this will all feel very familiar.



This movie isn’t good. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, as this verges on “so bad, it’s good” territory. If you can laugh at the dialogue and just sit back and enjoy the spectacle, you might have a fun time here. However, it’s still a bad movie, so I can’t give this movie anything higher than a two.



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