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sausage party headeradam reviewSausage Party.

Here’s some context. I like Seth Rogen and I tend to even like his stoner-comedies that he’s known for. Movies like Knocked Up, Super Bad, and This is the End were all awesome. I’m also not especially prudish, I don’t mind things that might be offensive or things that might be especially provocative. For the sake of satire, I totally get it and can appreciate it.

This movie though… was too much.

The gist.

Frank (Seth Rogen) is a hot dog. He’s madly in love with a hot dog bun by the name of Brenda (Kristen Wiig). They’re anxiously awaiting for the Fourth of July, where all the humans will show up, buy them, and then bring them to the wonderful “beyond.” Things start to go crazy when a bottle of Honey Mustard (Danny McBride) is returned to the store and breaks the bad news that the “beyond” is really a horrifying place, where humans murder and eat all the food. This triggers a whole adventure to find the truth.

Along the way, they cross paths with a very literal douche (Nick Kroll), who becomes the villain of the story.

We’ve got other voices such as Michael Cera, Salma Hayak, James Franco, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill, David Krumholtz, Edward Norton, and Paul Rudd.

This is an R-rated movie and would be an X-rated movie if it wasn’t animated food products, so please do not bring your children.

sausage party 2What works?

It’s a fun idea. You can tell they literally had a list of funny moments and tried to come up with a plotline to make all those things happen. An entire list of puns. The trailer is enough to satiate that need though, an entire movie of obvious jokes was a bit too much.

Okay, my brain is hurting from trying to think of other stuff that worked here.

What didn’t work?

This just might be the worst movie I’ve ever paid money to see.

Let me clarify. Some of you might love this, if you find that you like stupid movies. The audience was full of teenage kids snickering everytime a hot dog cursed, so the level of humor here is relatively low. Those people were howling with laughter though. Me, not so much.

I chuckled probably two or three times legitimately, where some gag worked (there was a Terminator 2 reference that was probably the funniest joke of the movie for me). Some times when I chuckled though, it was because I couldn’t believe how bad this was. The humor was flat for me, from the very beginning. The movie opens with a musical number that was painful to listen to and the “jokes” were just inserting a food pun and then adding some sort of sex innuendo. Even if you found yourself laughing at those, it would likely get old extremely quick. I get why the language would be funny. It’s a contrast to the fact that it’s 1.) a cartoon and 2.) about hot dogs. I get it. However the language became a crutch and stopped this movie from ever really becoming witty or clever.

Again, I’m not a prude, but this movie made my stomach churn. The sex wasn’t just sex but it was like… incredibly gross. The ending scene, which many people are talking about, is some of the most vile and grotesque stuff I’ve ever seen. Some of the audience was howling, but I almost had nightmares last night. It pushed beyond what has ever been done in a mainstream movie with things I’m surprised even an R-rated movie could get away with. The pseudoviolence and massive sexual encounters, mixed with this cartoon food motif, just grossed me out and I probably would have walked out, if not for the fact that I wanted to review it and tell you to save your money.

sausage party 1I’m really surprised that other reviewers that I’m usually pretty on-par with are all saying this movie was about average. I found very little redeeming here.

The animation looks like it’s a high school kid’s project. The plot is about as cliche as I’ve ever seen, though replaced with food instead of people. The “jokes” are just puns played out over and over. “It’s a Muslim food and a Jewish food fighting, that’s funny right? No?” It all just felt very lazy. Some people are claiming this movie talks about “important things” but it’s not. We’ve seen movies that criticize religion before, but in much smarter ways (see: The Invention of Lying). This felt lazy, amateur, and incredibly superficial.

But again, I emphasize. Some of you might love this. For me, it was an absolute dumpster on fire. For you, this could be your new favorite movie.


Sausage Party was a funny commercial when it only lasted two minutes. A whole movie takes that idea and hits you over the head with it, with superficial plotlines, lazy jokes, and attempts at shock humor that will not only offend most of you, but will potentially traumatize you. This movie was not for me at all, and I like to think I have a good eye for satire. And this wasn’t it.

Rating 1 Star


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