Movie Review: Angry Birds

angrybirdsheaderadam reviewAngry Birds.

I don’t think anyone was asking for this movie but here we are, a few years late. The developer of the app (Rovio) has teamed up with Columbia Pictures to bring their biggest property to life on the big screen. Is it too late though?

The gist.

There is an island of happy (and flightless) birds, who are all content with life the way it is. There exists one bird named Red (Jason Sudeikis) who is a bit angry and ends up getting sentenced to anger management courses. It’s there he meets three other birds that he quickly befriends (Josh Gad, Danny McBride, and Sean Penn). Things get worse for Red when a ship full of pigs lands on their island and they seem to have ulterior motives. No one questions it, except for Red, who goes on a mission to find who they are and what they want there. Other voices include Bill Hader, Peter Dinklage, Maya Rudolph, Keegan-Michael Key, and Kate McKinnon.

angrybirds 1

What works?

Visually, this movie looks great. It’s vivid and colorful and expertly brings the game to life. Even small things from the game make it onto the big screen, such as costumes that the pigs wear and ways that the birds control in the game. The CGI is pretty great, especially for a movie aimed at kids. The feather effects are especially incredible.

The biggest plus is that this movie feels like Angry Birds. This isn’t a Battleship situation where you watch the movie and you’re like “This isn’t really Battleship.” This is truly Angry Birds and they even incorporate the slingshot and destroying things and it all makes sense in the context of the movie.

The movie is also funny, though it does veer towards a younger audience, so there’s plenty of fart joke humor. I did laugh quite a few times though, so you have to give it some points for that.


What doesn’t work?

This is a kid’s movie. Take the kids. They’ll love it.

As an adult, it’s not a great film. Again, the humor tends to be a little immature (but the kids were laughing like crazy). It’s super predictable but it has a good message.

One thing that grated me a bit was the protagonist Red. His pessimism was the point of the story but at certain points, he’s incredibly hard to root for and I didn’t even care that he became ostracized by his entire village. They push his negativity a lot and it almost backfires. It teeters on the edge.


This is an enjoyable movie but it’s not meant for adults. Take the kids. If you go alone, be prepared for a theater full of children (I had a baby in a like a little carseat thing in front of me crying the whole time). So again, kids will love it. Adults without children, maybe go see something else.

Rating 3 star


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1 Response to Movie Review: Angry Birds

  1. Agree with you regarding the animation. This movie looks GORGEOUS. I couldn’t believe it!

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