Review: Ride Along 2

ride along 2 headeradam reviewRide Along 2.

It’s that time! January is very divided, with incredible award-nominated movies hitting wide release and then movies that don’t think they can compete with the summer rush. Ride Along 2 clearly isn’t in the same league as The Revenant, but is it all that bad?

The gist.

If you somehow missed the first Ride Along, here’s what happened: A cop (Ice Cube) has a sister, who is marrying a wannabe cop (Kevin Hart). So Ice Cube takes Hart on a ride along to scare him straight and they end up solving a crime.

So now in the sequel, Hart’s character is now an entry-level cop who tags along with Ice Cube as they travel to Miami to investigate a huge drug ring. We add Olivia Munn as a detective in Miami, Benjamin Bratt as the drug lord in question, and Ken Jeong as the hacker who gets caught in the middle of the whole thing.

ride along 2 1What works?

The comedy genre is in a rough place. We’ve gotten in this routine of already knowing what a movie will be like before it comes out. Maybe it’s always been that way but I was too young and naive to know? Anyways. Kevin Hart is Kevin Hart. And that’s why you’ll either see this or skip this. He does the same thing that has worked for years now but it still gets you to laugh every few minutes. The movie is set in Miami so you know that there will be plenty of bikini and beach shots. You know exactly what this movie will be.

So on a scale of 0 to Kevin Hart, how Kevin Hart is this? It’s pretty high up there. He does everything you’d expect, playing off Ice Cube’s calm and sobering personality. If you like Kevin Hart and you want some chuckles, Ride Along 2 will do that. Ken Jeong (The Hangover, Community) joins the cast and mirrors Hart’s wild antics, so be ready for an extra dose of kinetic energy.

What doesn’t work?

This movie is incredibly predictable and cliche (but again, some of you want that). There are also plenty of jokes that fall flat, including a bit with a CGI alligator.

I also hate to say this… but I’m starting to think Ice Cube might not be a great actor. I caught myself a few times during this movie thinking that he was incredibly bad. Like… He was just reciting lines and it wasn’t very convincing. Maybe he misunderstood the direction for being a gruff badass character and somehow thought that meant losing all personality. Luckily Hart was energetic enough to keep the audience awake, I don’t think Ice Cube could’ve done that alone.

Ride Along 2


This is a brief review because there isn’t a lot to talk about. Ride Along 2 is fine. It’s not going to wow you but it’s also not a movie you’re going to walk out of the theater during. It’s just fine. Some parts will have you laughing, others will have you cringing. If you like Kevin Hart, he does everything you’d expect and it mostly works.

Rating 3 star


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