Best and Worst Movies of 2015

Yesterday, I posted my individual awards for things like Best Actor Performance, Best Villain, and all sorts of other fun stuff. But now, we get to the real meat of it.

Before I dive into my top 10 movies, here’s my worst movies of 2015.

Worst Movies of the Year

Honorable mentions: The Ridiculous 6, Fantastic Four, 50 Shades of Grey

Winner: Blackhat

This Chris Hemsworth movie is garbage. It’s absolutely boring from start to finish, which is a shame coming from director Michael Mann, who’s done some great action movies like Collateral.

Top 10 Movies of 2015

Honorable mention: Straight Outta Compton

This “based on a true story” movie is incredibly captivating and features some great performances by some young actors. I didn’t know much about this story so I found it gripping, informative, and overall really entertaining.

#10.) Spotlight

Spotlight is an incredible movie but it’s so low on my list because I don’t think I ever want to rewatch it. It focuses on the first large-scale investigation into the Catholic church in regards to child molestation, so it’s a bit of a downer. The performances, though, are top notch and this will likely win plenty of big time awards.

#9.) Bridge of Spies

Great performances here by both Tom Hanks and Mark Rylance, as Steven Spielberg gives us a look at the Cold War era and this hostage-swap that took place. Gripping throughout, this movie really impressed.

#8.) Trainwreck

The only big comedy on my top 10, Trainwreck really surprised me. Amy Schumer wrote the movie and it’s really witty and smart. Add into the mix Bill Hader, LeBron James, Colin Quinn (in his best performance ever), and other notable comedians, and this movie ended up being absolutely hilarious, yet also touching and poignant in unexpected ways.

#7.) Kingsman: The Secret Service

No one expected an action thrillride in February, which is usually a dumping ground for bad films. Kingsman impressed though, with some great action work, gripping story, and overall a really fun time at the movies.

#6.) Creed

In the seventh movie in the Rocky franchise, Creed gives us the look at the modern era of boxing, as we follow Adonis Creed on his journey to become like his father (Apollo Creed, who fought Rocky in the original films). Michael B. Jordan is great but Sylvester Stallone delivers the standout performance here. Oh, and the one-take fight scenes are incredible.

#5.) Sicario

There have been movies that have tackled Mexican cartels and the drug lords before, but Sicario does it through the lens of a young FBI agent who is way over her head (Emily Blunt). The movie is a little slow at times but it’s gorgeously shot and the action scenes, when they do happen, are absolutely fantastic. Benicio Del Toro also delivers a standout performance, which I hope isn’t overlooked come Oscar season.

#4.) Inside Out

If I were to make a top 5 Pixar movies list, Inside Out would for sure be on there. It was sweet and funny, yet also incredibly poignant and powerful, with something we can all relate to. Incredible visuals, hilarious writing, and a powerful message make this one of Pixar’s best.

3.) The Martian

As somewhat of a “Castaway in space” movie, The Martian somehow exceeds those expectations. It takes a strong actor to keep you engaged for a whole movie, by himself, and Matt Damon really does that, delivering what I consider to be the strongest male performance of the year. It’s surprisingly funny and captivating, even when the scenarios are so dire. A great film overall.

2.) Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I’m not one of those people that was convinced this movie was going to be good. I thought there’d be a good chance that The Force Awakens could disappoint us. For me though, it succeeded on almost every level. Yes, it harkens back to the original trilogy a lot, but I didn’t mind (and so did Creed, which no one seems to be complaining about). This movie brought back practical special effects, some of our original cast members, and yet managed to make us fall in love with the new characters as well. Overall, it’s a really exciting time to be a Star Wars fan!

1.) Mad Max: Fury Road

I’ve been trying to get people to see Mad Max since I first saw it early this year. In a dark desert world, this movie manages to be incredibly colorful. In a story about a man wandering the wasteland, it’s really a strong woman who steals the show. Though the movie is really only driving from point A to point B, it manages to be nonstop action and it delivers that action with some of the best visual effects I’ve ever seen, including some practical explosions and stunts that very few other movies would have even attempted. This movie is a work of art, yet manages to also be an incredible thrillride. Very rarely do we get both.

Thanks for reading and let’s hope 2016 is just as exciting!


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