PS4 Review: Guns Up

PS4 Review: Guns Up

With the success of “free to play” games on mobile, Playstation 4 has now branched into that arena with their first free to play game Guns Up. You can download it for free on the Playstation 4 and users with PS+ get a free bundle of in-game weapons and perks.

So… What is Guns Up?

Guns Up is a spin on the tower defense genre, though you play against defenses that have been built by other players. So I might create my fortifications and while I’m away, people try their luck to defeat them. When I login again, I might see notifications that I’ve been defeated or if I’ve successfully held my own.

This is the passive game that happens of defending your fortress but the fun is taking your troops on the offensive. You pick a squad of soldier types that you want to take on the battlefield, plus some extra cards that you earn by winning battles. These cards will allow you extra abilities and perks during the battle, depending on how challenging you think it might be. You might want to drop a smoke bomb to disorient the enemy troops or a volley of missiles that will cause absolute havoc. The goal is to get your troops all the way to the enemy fortress and to destroy it. You can currency during the match, so you’re limited as to how many troops you can summon, but you earn more currency as you destroy buildings and kill troops.

guns up 1

There’s a huge degree of customization, both on the offense and defense. Offensively, you can outfit your troops with different perk cards, which give them bonuses. You earn these cards by winning battles or leveling up. If you have cards you don’t want, you can trade in duplicates for new cards. Eventually, you’ll also have more troop types than you have spots, so you have to decide if your strategy requires force or speed and which troops align with that.

Defensively, you can build fortifications and move things around, building fences and turrets to slow down the enemies. This process upgrades much slower than the offensive traits, so I haven’t seen much change in this arena but it’s still a fun prospect.

So, is this game worth downloading?

I think so, yes. For one, it’s free. You can purchase upgrades and abilities using real money, just like the structure mobile games have in place. I haven’t spent real money but I’m having a blast. Leveling up, and even winning individual battles, gives you new cards and bonuses, so there’s always a feeling of accomplishment. You level up and now you have access to medics, which can recuperate the health of your troops. That changes the game and your strategy now. There are even big gauges that show you what’s next, to keep you always wanting to progress in the game.

guns up 2

I also really enjoy the art style. It’s quirky and cartoonish but the battles play out in a very intense way. I’ve lost a few times while on the offensive but it’s always a close call and the matches are short enough that you just hop into the next one quickly. There are a lot of loading screens, including a really long loading screen when you first open the game, as it connects to the larger network of players that you can compete against. It’s not ridiculous but it’s notable.

Because the game is really enjoyable, full of perks and customization, and is absolutely free, I’m going four out of five. I’m loving it and I can see myself playing for a long time. Maybe not in long bursts but it’s great for a 10 minute gap in your schedule or when you need a palette cleanser after a huge open world game. Head over there and download it now and give it a shot yourself.

Rating 4 star


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