Review: Tomorrowland

tomorrowland headerTomorrowland.

This movie was a mystery. The trailers didn’t reveal too much, it’s not based on any sort of book, and it’s not a sequel or remake. So that means people will be curious. Is it good?

Let’s dive in.

The gist.

Teenager Casey (Britt Robertson) finds a magical pin that, when she touches it, allows her to look into a futuristic world that intrigues her. Her journey to discover what (and where) it is leads her to cross paths with a man who has been there (George Clooney). We have a second arc that we follow, which is Clooney’s younger self discovering this place for the first time and meeting an enigmatic young girl named Athena (Raffey Cassidy).

What works?

I liked that I knew very little. It’s rare to have such mystery in movies these days. Even the scenes I had seen in the trailers were totally different with context.

And one of those surprises was Raffey Cassidy, who I hadn’t seen in a single promo for this movie yet she has a substantial role. Without giving away the mystery, let me just say that she steals the scenes she’s in and manages to even take your attention away from much more established talent.

tomorrowland athena

The other thing I appreciated was the creativity that director Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) and writer Damon Lindelof (Lost) brought to this adventure. Bird has an extensive history with animated movies so he thinks of live action with a little more flexibility than most directors. So he lets that shine here, in action scenes and quiet moments alike. But really, it’s the action that gets really creative, such as weapons that flip gravity, defenses that cut robots into squares, and quite a few jetpack scenes. It’s just fun and you can tell they had a blast imagining how this would all play out.

What doesn’t work?

I liked the plot device that was moving the story forward but the actual final climax was a little strange. We’re introduced to our villain (that’s been absent this whole time) and immediately get the reveal of their evil plan. But when you think about why they’re doing this, I don’t know if it really holds up. Their motivation (and therefore the entire climax) was a little flimsy.

The actual ending was also a little cheesy and I expected something different from Lindelof. Yes, maybe I was starting to tear up a little bit, but it felt a little… unearned. Like a cheat. Maybe that’s just me though.

tomorrowland clooneyOverall…

Tomorrowland is fun and creative, which is a breath of fresh air these days. It’s an adventure you’ll enjoy going on, as long as you don’t think too much about the strange climax and why it all played out that way. George Clooney and Britt Robertson deliver fine performances but the shocker is relative unknown Raffey Cassidy who will be a star soon, guaranteed. If you’re looking for something relatively fun and creative, Tomorrowland will scratch that itch for you.

4 star


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