Review: Furious 7

furious 7 1Furious 7.

It’s no secret that I’ve been excited about this. Fast Five rejuvenated the franchise and Fast Six was really fun as well. This movie was already hyped up with the addition of Jason Statham but then we were hit by tragedy when Paul Walker passed away. So there’s a lot of reasons people might see this movie. But is it good?

The gist.

If you want a refresher of the past six movies, I made a fun video here, where I cover all six in six minutes.

In a nutshell though, in Fast Six, Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) managed to stop a terrorist by the name of Owen Shaw (Luke Evans). Now this time around, Owen’s big brother Deckard (Jason Statham) is trying to hunt down and kill everyone involved in his brother’s death. Deckard is former military, absolutely deadly, and it’ll take a whole crew to stop him. Dom and Brian luckily get help from their former crew (Tyrese, Ludacris, and Michelle Rodriguez), along with the powerhouse known as Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson).

furious 7 walker

What works?

In terms of action, does Furious 7 deliver? Yes. Absolutely. Whether it’s dropping cars from an airplane, hand-to-hand fistfights, or even weaponized drones destroying downtown Los Angeles, this movie has it all. And yes, there were some parts in the trailers, but when those moments happen on the big screen, I couldn’t help but grin and applaud. It verges on the ridiculous but it looks amazing and there are some really creative setpieces. There’s a lot more hand-to-hand fights here, with the addition of Jason Statham, who gets intense battles with both The Rock and Vin Diesel. One of the coolest fights though might be between Paul Walker and Tony Jaa (the Ong-bak films). Just some fantastic stuff here.

In terms of story, it’s actually an engaging plot. We have the addition of Kurt Russell, who plays this mystery man who will help stop Deckard Shaw in exchange for some other antics that Dom and his crew must pull off. So there are some familiar heist elements. Statham though brings a whole new dynamic and really ups the ante. You’d think he wouldn’t stand a chance against both Vin Diesel and The Rock, but he cleans house. Whenever he shows up on screen, my jaw would just drop, knowing that he was about to cause some carnage.

furious 7 statham 2

A lot of you might want to know about Paul Walker and how that plays out in this movie. Luckily, he shot most of the movie already, but there are a few scenes where they digitally overlaid his face (while his two brothers stood in as body doubles). I thought it would look worse, as I only noticed a few times. He gets a great sendoff and there’s a touching tribute at the finale of the movie that had me starting to tear up. They may continue to make movies in this franchise, but if not, this is a great finale.

What doesn’t work?

The only thing that detracted from this movie was that it was was a little long. At almost 2.5 hours, you start to get just a little fatigued. The movie didn’t feel bloated or unnecessary, there’s just a lot crammed in there. Late night screenings might be a little rough for some of you.


I thought Fast Five was unbeatable but Furious 7 made all sorts of improvements and additions that made this film both fresh and new, yet still true to the characters that we love. The action is incredible, including stellar race sequences, huge stunts, and stunning hand-to-hand fight scenes. There’s an emotional arc too, which culminates with a touching tribute to Paul Walker. I had a blast the entire time and cannot wait for repeat viewings.

Rating 5 star


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