Review: Get Hard

get hard 1Get Hard.

Comedy powerhouses Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart come together for the first time. Both of them could use a successful movie right about now, so is Get Hard the movie that’ll save them?

The gist.

Ferrell stars as millionaire financial strategist James King who has been arrested and given 30 days until he must report and serve 10 years in a maximum security prison for some sort of fraud. He approaches Darnell (Hart), who has never been in prison but agrees anyways to train King and prepare him for his time in the big house. The cast is rounded out by Allison Brie (Community) as his fiance and Craig T. Nelson (Coach, Parenthood) as his eventual father-in-law.

What works?

Ferrell and Hart are both exactly what you’d expect. That works in most cases, with Hart delivering his quick one-liners while Ferrell plays the dumb and naive fool. A lot of jokes hit but they do tend to revisit some jokes over and over.

But again, I emphasize: Hart and Ferrell are both funny as usual. That is mostly what you care about.

get hard 2

What doesn’t work?

This movie’s plot is really nonexistent. It’s more of a series of skits that have to do with training King (Ferrell) for prison. The actual forward motion of the story could have been covered in just a few scenes. That made the pacing a little bit of an issue, as I was even tempted to check the time midway through the movie. And while it was mostly funny, some overdone jokes just felt repetitive.

Also, have you noticed more and more comedies are resorting to penis comedy? First The Wedding Ringer, then Unfinished Business, and now some stuff here. I think we’re running out of material.


Sometimes these reviews are brief because there’s not a lot to say. You know already if you enjoy either Kevin Hart or Will Ferrell. If you enjoy either, you’ll have a decent time with Get Hard. The plot is simple but you’ll likely enjoy the different vignettes about Ferrell’s journey, though the best moments were showcased in the trailer. This is about as “middle of the road” as you can get.

Rating 3 star


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