Review: Hot Tub Time Machine 2

hot tub time machine 2Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

It kind of surprises me that they made a sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine. I thought it was okay but amidst the big world of raunchy R-rated comedies, this one has always underwhelmed. It was okay.

So when the trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2 came out, I was surprised. They took out John Cusack (because he likely was smart enough to realize this sequel was a bad idea) and they added in Adam Scott (who likely wants to start making a bigger splash in movies now that Parks and Recreation is over). So was this sequel able to improve upon the original?

The gist. In the first Hot Tub Time Machine, four guys passed out in a hot tub and woke up back in the 80s and made themselves rich by changing history. We’ve got Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke, who have all made quite a bit of fortune since the events of the first movie. Things go awry when Corddry’s character is having a party and someone shoots him in the crotch with a shotgun. Wait. Yes. I wrote that right. To save his life, they hop back into the time machine but accidentally go into the future and meet up with John Cusack’s son, played by Adam Scott. It gets really strange as they realize the shooter comes from the future, so they’re trying to find out who from the future would have the motivation to go back into the present to shoot Corddry.


What works?

As the four leads, they’re all funny guys. They all have some great timing and some natural comedic talents. The funniest times in this film likely resulted from improvisation.

Let’s move on.

What doesn’t work?

This is a sequel that shouldn’t have been made. The literal script was probably ten pages. When it began with Corddry getting his crotch blown to bits by a shotgun, I knew this movie was going to be (pun intended) painful.

I laughed very little. The jokes were forced, crude beyond reason, and overall just not funny. Now, I love R-rated humor. I think there’s ways that you can make that sort of adult humor still really witty and funny. Here though, it’s all very flat, uninteresting, and forced. It’s actually sad that these four guys are involved in this, since they have so much comedic talent but very little of that comes across here.

Also, the strange time travel story doesn’t really make sense. I guess even if you look at it critically and it does hold up, it’s just unnecessarily complicated. It felt like Interstellar and I just didn’t like it.


This comedy just missed the mark. These aren’t A-list comedic actors but they’re better than what this movie showed us. They’re capable of better. The script is confusing, with a strangely complicated time travel story yet underdeveloped and crude humor. I laughed very little, not enough to warrant the ticket price. Wait til Netflix or it’s on DVD.

Rating 2 star


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