400 Posts of IAYTD

Welcome to IAYTD.

I Am Your Target Demographic. The year was 2011 and I published my first article here. It’s been about four years since then and I’ve hit a milestone of 400 posts here, so I thought it’d be a fun time to reflect on where we’ve come.

There’s been a lot of progress. We now have some contributing authors, so it’s just not me writing anymore and we can cover even more content. I branched off onto a YouTube channel which has skyrocketed to a place I wasn’t expecting. And our written movie reviews continue to bring in most traffic to this site, as I’ve personally reviewed almost 70 movies this year alone.

So let’s look at some highlights!

As for our written site, what have been the highest viewed pages so far?

400 posts top postsThis weird fluff piece I did on Power Rangers back when I started the site is our highest viewed page, clocking in at nearly 50,000.

After that though is the most impressive number. 25,000 views for our main homepage. This means people got to the site through some specific page or review… and then chose to check out our full site. Or people have bookmarked the main page and continually check it out. Either way, that’s awesome.

How many views overall do we have?

400 posts all timeOverall, we’ve got 235,314 views (as of this writing), with 426 comments on all articles. In a single day, my high point was 2,159 (the day I reviewed Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One).

Now, let’s look at our progress on YouTube.

The IAYTD channel launched in April (less than a year ago) and my goal was to get 200 subscribers by the end of 2014.

So where are we now?

400 posts youtube subscribersAs of today, we’re sitting at 4,204 subscribers. I have lost almost 400 subscribers, which is more than I thought I’d even gain in this amount of time. You can see the chart starts to really escalate in September, so it’s really been the past few months that things have taken off.

400 posts youtube viewsWe’re at 360,000+ views across all the videos, which is crazy, and almost 3 million minutes watched. That’s about 46,000 hours, which is about 1935 days, which is about 64 months, which is over 5 years. That’s how long our videos have been played.

I do have a lot of dislikes, at about a 14 like : 1 dislike ratio (it’s been a long time since I’ve done any sort of math, this may be inaccurate). I blame most of that on my most controversial videos…

400 posts omega level400 posts omega 2

Now, for those of you who don’t know what these videos are about… It’s basically a look at the mythology of the X-Men (and the larger Marvel universe) and those mutants that are categorized as “omega level,” which is the most powerful mutants out there. Super nerdy, I know, but apparently a lot of people care and a lot of people are very passionate about this.

I get most of my views and subscribers from these videos but I also get a lot of controversy. 1,708 comments for both of them, with people either agreeing with me or (more often) disagreeing with me. The ratio of likes to dislikes at least lets me know that a majority of people like it and tend to agree with me on these.

I’m super surprised about this channel taking off with that sort of momentum. I get a lot of really great comments and requests and discussion. Every once in a while, I get some hate or trolling, but I tend to just delete the nasty stuff. One guy wrote “I’m tired of listening to your bald ass.” I was like “Delete.”


Thank you to everyone who reads our articles or watches our videos. This is an exciting time and it’s all because of you.

You get 5 out of 5 Adam heads.

5 star


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