Review: Dumb and Dumber To

dumb dumber to headerDumb and Dumber To.

About twenty years ago, the original Dumb and Dumber came out, right in the heyday of Jim Carrey’s comedy rise to fame. There was a “prequel” that we choose to forget but now we’ve got our first true sequel. So the question is… twenty years later, can Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels recapture that magic?

The gist is that Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) reunite and must go on a roadtrip across the country, just like the original film. We’re joined by Rob Riggle, who plays a set of twins, and joins the duo on their trip. They are given a monumental task but, of course, you know things aren’t going to work out perfectly.

What works?

Right off the bat, Carrey and Daniels get immediately back into the groove, like not a day has passed. Carrey steals the show though, reminding us why he’s a star. His funniest moments were obviously improvised and usually involved him attempting to eat food. Even though the comedy didn’t always hit, I blame the writing not Carrey for that.

Was the movie funny? Mostly. Sometimes I felt guilty for laughing because it was so offensive and sometimes just so stupid. But it did hit a few times real hard. Some people in my audience loved it way more than I did though, so some of you will likely really enjoy this. I’ve heard more positive thoughts from people that really loved the original, so that might mean this film is more up your alley.

Dumb And Dumber To

What doesn’t work?

As I said above, the comedy doesn’t always hit and there were definite moments that literally no one laughed. Some moments were ridiculously stupid and sometimes counter to what we know about these characters, just for the laughs.

That’s really the one downside but it’s a pretty significant downside for a comedy.


Dumb and Dumber To is exactly what you’d expect. It hits hard sometimes when you can’t stop laughing but there are way more moments that it’s awkward silence and failed jokes. If you’re a diehard fan of the original, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed but this is a movie that will be fairly forgettable for everyone else.

Rating 3 star


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