Review: Let’s Be Cops

lets be copsLet’s Be Cops.

I became a fan of Jake Johnson during the sleeper hit Safety Not Guaranteed with Aubrey Plaza and then the television series New Girl. Damon Wayans Jr. also stars on New Girl. So when the trailers came out for this movie, which were hilarious, I was sold. But would this be a case where the trailer showed off the best parts of the movie?

The gist.

Damon Wayans Jr. stars as a 30-year-old who is still interning at a video game design company and feeling rejected by his coworkers. Jake Johnson isn’t really doing anything with his life, still living in his college glory days and refusing to take control of his life. When they dress up as police for a costume party, their lives change when they find that people now respect and listen to them. Things get hectic when they actually start stopping crime and get wrapped up in something bigger than themselves. Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries) stars as a potential love interest.

What works?

Johnson and Wayans have an incredible chemistry and that carries most of this film. They have some nice moments, which make the movie a little deeper than I was expecting, though that isn’t why you’d go see a movie like this.

What doesn’t work?

While the movie gets deep and reflective on what we can accomplish when we set our mind to something, it lacks majorly in the laugh category. The funniest bits were included in the trailer (and some were only included in the trailer and didn’t make the actual film). The laughs were few and far between.

Wayans and Johnson worked in their roles, while a few others felt wasted. Nina Dobrev as the love interest was extremely one-dimensional, while Rob Riggle (21 Jump Street, The Daily Show) was misused as the “straight man” in these comedic situations and didn’t tap into his comedy roots at all.

I also had a problem with the soundtrack, which is rare. It seems like every song was chosen because it talked about police or had sirens in it, but the music was almost detracting as it was so obvious.


If you want funny and action, go see Guardians of the Galaxy (hopefully for a second or third time). Let’s Be Cops misses the mark here, aiming to be something more than a comedy but it missed out on that essential comedy foundation. This movie is forgettable and mostly unlaughable.

Rating 2 star


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