Review: Sex Tape

sex tapeSex Tape.

I love Jason Segal. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is one of my top comedy picks of all time. I was hesitant about this newest outing though, as I’m not necessarily a huge Cameron Diaz fan. So was Sex Tape able to meet the expectations of Segal’s earlier outings?

The gist is that Segal and Diaz are married and have two kids and are stuck in a bit of a rut. To try to find that spark again, they decide to create a sex tape. However, this movie syncs up with other used iPads that Segal’s character had given out as gifts. The rest of the movie is them adventuring to find these iPads and hopefully delete the video everywhere. The supporting cast includes Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper, Rob Lowe, and a surprise cameo in the film’s climax.

What works?

Segal and Diaz are both okay in their roles, being relateable enough to root for but also just ridiculous enough to trigger some laughs. Also the cameo at the end of the film was probably the funniest part of the film… But was that finale worth the rest of the journey?


What doesn’t work?

Most things. While Diaz and Segal were likeable, the writing didn’t give them much to do and the comedy tended to fall flat. I chuckled a few times but most of the journey was just awkward, forced, and ultimately flat. I blame most of this on the writing and directing. Director Jake Kasdan (Bad Teacher) had to watch these scenes and he thought to himself, “That looks great.” And that’s astounding to me, as it clearly wasn’t.

If a movie like this, where the comedy is essential to its success, manages to fail in its comedy… that is never a good sign.


This is a short review but my thoughts are very simple. This isn’t a bad movie but it’s not a successful comedy. When movies like Neighbors and 22 Jump Street are coming out, there’s no room for lackluster comedies like Sex Tape. There isn’t really a situation in which you’d want to see this, just avoid it.

Rating 2 star



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