Review: 22 Jump Street

22-Jump-Street22 Jump Street.

It was surprising how good 21 Jump Street was. Totally took me by surprise. Well, now the sequel is upon us and the expectations are high. Can Hill and Tatum recapture the magic?

The gist is that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum return as two cops who haven’t had much luck since their famed drug takedown. They are then put back into an undercover gig that resembles the first job, but this time they’re not going to high school… they’re going to college. Ice Cube returns as their supervisor, while Amber Stevens, Wyatt Russell, and Jillian Bell (Workaholics) join the cast as unsuspecting college students.

What works?

While the movie doesn’t do anything super original, it does a good job at it. It delivers a lot of laughs and Hill/Tatum’s chemistry is still just as amazing. From beginning to end, the movie is hilarious.

It manages to find tons of hilarious moments but also takes time to recognize that it’s a sequel that may not live up to expectations and there’s quite a few references to things not being as good the second time around, which range from subtle to obvious. I was excited with the addition of Jillian Bell (from Workaholics) and she didn’t disappoint.

Neighbors came out a long time ago and there hasn’t really been a solid comedy in theaters since then (since A Million Ways to Die in the Westand Blended were both horrible). That makes 22 Jump Street an obvious choice right now.

What doesn’t work?

Not a lot. It’s funny, though not overly crude, and manages to work in subtle and accessible humor for all ranges of taste. The plot is nearly exact to the original film, which might bother some of you but I didn’t mind.


If you’re looking for laughs, this is the clear choice. It won’t disappoint. It’s not that original but it packs the comedic punch that you want it to deliver.

Rating 4 star


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