(What We Want) Heroes: Reborn

heroes rebornHeroes: Reborn

It’s just been announced that Heroes will be somehow returning to television in 2015. I have to give kudos to NBC for keeping this under wraps so well because it came out of nowhere.

I’m on Facebook when all of a sudden I see this 20 second video posted:


So now it’s time to examine what we might want from a Heroes sequel/revival/reboot. To see my thoughts on the original series, check out the article here.

The Heroes

The big question on everyone’s mind is how this will be connected to the prior series. I would rather have a continuation, though a simplified one. But for this to happen, it would be amazing to have a few characters from the old series back to tie the two together. The only actor who has probably gotten too big for them to secure is Zachary Quinto. But that’s okay, because Sylar was almost too powerful for Heroes, so I feel like we need to dial it down a notch.

Some heroes that might be cool to see again… Hiro the time-traveler, Claire the regenerating cheerleader, or Matt Parkman the mindreading police officer could all serve as gateways into this world, maybe helping to mentor young new heroes (or people who just found their powers).

The Story

One of my big complaints about Heroes was that it went too big too quickly. Sylar was too powerful of a villain for their first season, everyone after him felt too easy. This is also why they had to neuter characters like Peter Petrelli, who could easily defeat any of these lesser villains. So let’s stick to simple.

The intrigue of the original Heroes was that it was normal people, coping with and learning how to use these powers. So let’s meet a few and let’s not thrust them into some huge battle right away. Let’s see them tackle normal criminals. Let’s see them struggle to use their powers for good (or maybe even for evil). Maybe we have a villain for the first season that is also just learning to use their powers, so we don’t even know which one will turn out to be a villain from the get-go.

But the important thing is to keep the scope intimate. Let’s see a character-driven story and these characters happen to be superheroes. The original Heroes tried to become a superhero squad show and it failed. We have to work up to that, they need to earn those moments.

And in terms of powers, we saw some on the original show that were unique, so it’d be great to see powers that are a less than ordinary. For example, we had Micah who could communicate with technology. Let’s do some more of these, as opposed to cookie cutter powers like flight and superspeed.

The Villains

Again, it’d be great to see a villain who isn’t already a villain. Let’s watch them learn and unfold and realize how much potential their power holds. This would make for an empathetic villain and one that we’d constantly want to realize the error of their ways. We’d like them but not what they’re doing. It’d be complicated.

Let’s also keep the villain entourage small. The previous Heroes used to love to add in supporting characters for just a few episodes. Yes, we got some cool appearances from the likes of George Takei or Christopher Eccleston, but we also got characters that lacked that punch.

And for crying out loud, let Ali Larter sit this one out.


We know zero about this. But I’m hoping for the best. Let’s get an intimate look at normal people who begin to show powers. Let’s reel back from the “superhero” tone. This shouldn’t be like an Avengers television show (heck, even Agents of SHIELD doesn’t really have superheroes). Let’s face real issues and real criminals and let’s build up to those momentous teamups and battles that we desire. If we can replicate season one of the original Heroes, great. But then let’s keep it that way instead of trying to dive-in headfirst. The fans may cry out for more superhero battles. They may cry out for more villains. But sometimes, the fans don’t know what they want until they see it.

Hiro. Maybe we'll finally see this guy in action.

Hiro. Maybe we’ll finally see this guy in action.


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