Review: Olympus Has Fallen


Olympus Has Fallen.

This is one of those movies I missed in theaters and somehow already showed up on Netflix streaming so I thought I’d give it a shot.

The gist is that Gerard Butler stars as former Secret Service agent Mike Banning. When the White House is attacked and taken over, it’s up to Banning to infiltrate and retake the building. This includes rescuing the President (Aaron Eckhart) and communicating with other government officials (including Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett) to retake “Olympus.”

What works?

While this movie is incredibly predictable from beginning to end, it manages to hit all the right notes that you’d want from a movie like this. At its core, it’s really about Gerard Butler kicking ass for two hours. And that’s what Gerard Butler does best. The action is incredible. The first half hour is nonstop action as the White House is taken and it’s engaging, visceral, and you can’t take your eyes off the destruction. After that, the movie becomes much more stealth oriented but Butler nails it, delivering some incredible fight sequences. The movie surprisingly went for an R-rating, so the fights give you the punch that you really want to see.

Eckhart does a good job as the President, managing to balance that presidential commanding aura with a sympathetic side as well. Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett both do a decent job as well, though they really just sit in a room for two hours.

What doesn’t work?

Like I said earlier, this movie is predictable and follows a very formulaic pattern. It’s a bit of fun in the beginning as things unfold and you find out who the villains are, but the path of retaking the White House is pretty predictable. I however didn’t mind, as it’s pure and fun action.


This is a brief review because my thoughts are pretty simple. In the genre of “Guy takes out tons of other guys in badass ways,” you won’t get much better than this. But that’s the extent of it. Don’t expect great acting but if you want some tense action and lots of explosions and gunfire, this movie will blow you away. It’s available now on Netflix streaming, so what are you waiting for?

4 star


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