Review: Diablo III (PS3)

diablo III

Diablo 3 (PS3)

I have zero experience with the Diablo series, as I’ve never really been a PC gamer. So when Diablo 3 hit consoles a little while back, I was eager to see what all the fuss was about. And it was great news to see such great reviews, as this might be the definitive version of the game.

The gist. Either single-player or multiplayer, you create a character in one of five classes, based on how you want to play. You then progress through a story, which begins as a meteor of sorts crashes into the town of New Tristram. You go to investigate and find that the dead are rising and you must battle them.

I reached level 45 with a Witch Doctor, finishing the campaign once and making significant progress on a second runthrough. I also played co-op with a friend, me playing a Barbarian and him a Demon Hunter. So I have a good grasp on three of the five classes at least. And they all play distinctly different, which is great for replayability.

The five classes

The five classes

What works?

A lot. This game was incredibly fun and really deep. The campaign itself was engaging and offered some really cool moments, usually showcased in cinematics (which Blizzard is known for). It only took me a few days to complete the campaign, so it’s not that deep, but this game is meant for multiple playthroughs, either as the same character (to get better equipment and upgrade skills) or as new characters (to experience different ways of playing). The campaign though was interesting and the different types of villains you come across are varied enough to keep things fresh.

As a newcomer to the franchise, I found the mechanics easy to grasp. It slowly unlocks buttons and abilities, so that by the time your options become expansive, you’ve been able to warm up to them.

Visually, it’s a very bright game. The level designs are gorgeous and clearly the highlight (alongside the cinematics). The characters and monsters on-screen don’t have the same sort of detail and it tends to become a mess as explosions flash across the screen and you lose your character in a mass of monsters. Even then though, the levels look fantastic.

diablo 3 coop

Veterans of the series know that Diablo III is all about “loot,” which is essentially all the equipment you find on your adventures. There’s a certain type of loot that is labeled “Legendary,” and this is the best equipment in the game. In my first campaign runthrough, I think I found like five pieces of legendary equipment, so it’s rare enough that everytime you spot one, you get super excited. You can share equipment with other characters, so maybe a legendary axe wouldn’t make sense for my Witch Doctor, so I set it aside for my Barbarian character. I found myself obsessing over finding legendaries… it’s that good of a system.

What doesn’t work?

Not much… I had a blast playing it and already put it back into my Gamefly queue so that when nothing else is available, I’ll get it back a second time.


The sheer amount of replayability of this game is incredible and I had a blast playing it, and I still have two classes I haven’t even tried yet. It’s fun as a single-player on your own but the co-op was pretty incredible too. The storyline is interesting and engaging and finding these legendary equipment pieces is addictive. I have nothing but love for Diablo III on consoles.

5 star


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