I Don’t Eat Fruits or Vegetables

This isn’t a movie review. This isn’t about video games. For all my followers and people randomly stopping by this page… give me a chance to convince you to keep reading.

I’ve never had a strawberry.

cloudy strawberry

“Wait… What?” you say. “How is that possible?”

I don’t eat fruits or vegetables. I’ve never had a peach, a pear, a blackberry… I don’t know how I don’t have scurvy. Anyways. I work for the University of California Riverside and our entire University of California system has recently launched a campaign called Promise for Education and I’ve made a promise that if I can raise $5,000 for student scholarships, I’ll become vegetarian for a year.

Below, watch my video testimonial about why this is a big deal.

So… If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate for a good cause, please consider it. Click here to get to my promise page and remember that everything donated goes towards students who can’t afford college without aid like these scholarships.

Thank you!

Adam / IAYTD

promise for education



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