Mass Effected – Part 2

masseffectheaderMass Effected – Part 1 here.

So I’m playing my way through the three Mass Effect games and giving my thoughts as they happen. I’ve finished Mass Effect!

What are my thoughts on the first installment?

It’s an incredible game but I got a feeling similar to when I played Uncharted for the first time, after it had been out for a long time. The game got so much hype that by the time I got to it, it was hard to meet my expectations. I definitely loved the story above all, but as I mentioned in part one, the shooter mechanics were iffy and the A/I was hit or miss (but mostly missing; their aim was horrible).

I did my fair share of sidequests but didn’t scratch the surface. I’ll do another runthrough later with a more Completionist state of mind.

photo(1)I spent most my time with the same party. Me, Garrus, and Wrex. I had both on assault rifle with cryo and incendiary rounds.

Now… some choices in the later half of the game.

We dropped a nuke to blow up a Krogan-cloning facility. Someone had to manually arm the nuke and would be lost forever. I somehow chose Ashley to take one for the team, even though I just mentioned in part one that the other human guy was as vanilla as they get. Completely uninteresting. But he made the cut.

And then there’s the crazy final scene, where Sovereign is destroying the Citadel. The Council is onboard a ship and getting away but they may not make it. If I rush to save them, my fleet might not be ready to take on Sovereign.


So I wait. And I let the Council’s ship be destroyed. I literally stared at this for a few moments before I chose. My black and white Shepard… which decision was truly more ruthless? I love that it’s not that easy. It’s not a good decision versus a bad decision.

Top it off, I use my political leverage to take over power on behalf of humanity and place our political leaders at the top of the food chain, instead of reinstating a similar order of command as before.

And credits roll.

I then began Mass Effect 2 for just a few hours and I forgot that I had a DLC from Dragon Age that came with some sweet armor skins. Looking badass Shepard, can’t wait to see how this all turns out!



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4 Responses to Mass Effected – Part 2

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  2. narek23 says:

    you’re going way too guns heavy. try mixing it up to get more of the other kinds of gameplay. i dont remember if 2 had this but in 3 it encourages you to mix abilities (like lift someone using biotics and then blast them away with another character)

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