Review: Now You See Me

now you see me

Now You See Me.

Now… imagine a film like The Italian Job, but there’s magic. Does that sound interesting? Trick question. Of course it does.

The gist of this film is that Jesse Eisenberg reunites with Woody Harrelson (Zombieland), plus Isla Fisher and Dave Franco, to become the Four Horsemen, an immensely popular magic act. Add in their benefactor in Las Vegas played by Michael Caine, a man who debunks magic performances played by Morgan Freeman, and an FBI agent who investigates them when their acts get illegal played by Mark Ruffalo. Tons of people in this film. This movie was also directed by Louis Leterrier (The Transporter).

What works?

The Four Horsemen have a definite chemistry and it’s always a blast to watch them together. Eisenberg and Harrelson are both charming, and mainstream moviegoers get their first exposure to relative newbie Dave Franco (who I know from the final and horrible season of Scrubs, but lately appeared as a zombie meal in Warm Bodies and a high school drug dealer in 21 Jump Street). Here, Franco and Fisher both hold their owns against the scene-stealing Eisenberg/Harrelson duo.

Freeman, Caine, and Ruffalo are all amazing as well, doing exactly what they need to do, though it seems to be the same characters they always tend to play (at least for the most part).

With Leterrier at the helm, I was glad to see some intense action scenes, including an amazing fight scene between Ruffalo and Franco, which culminates with a hectic car chase. This movie is truly a heist film but the regular rules don’t apply. Magic can do anything, which makes this film truly unique.

What doesn’t work?

Some of the CGI is a little overdone, considering the movie (even though it’s about magic) is still grounded in reality. It’s especially heavy at the beginning of the film, but my worries quickly dissolved.

And while everyone’s chemistry was incredible together and they all fit the parts, no one really stretched what they’re known for. The most might be Eisenberg who came off as much more confident than his normal neurotic characters. But mostly, it’s stuff we’ve seen before.


I wholeheartedly recommend Now You See Me. It combines a perfect balance of intense action, witty humor, and a charismatic cast that you love to watch work. Its flaws are minimal and usually occur in the earlier parts of the film, but once you settle in, the adventure is a fun one.

Rating 4 star


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