Mobile Review: Pixel People

pixel5Pixel People.

In this mobile Sim City meets Doodle God clone, we are given a blank section of space and we have to build a massive civilization. You do this by “splicing” clones together to create new professions. If this splicing introduces a new type of profession, you are able to build a place for them to work. So this is how you build your city.

pixel4Once you have a city, you earn money by harvesting coins from these businesses. New buildings also unlock new things to do. For example, one building DOUBLES what your other buildings earn, but only if you’ve filled up their entire roster to work there. So now there’s an incentive to fill each building up. Another building might let you build trees and decorations which earn you other bonuses.

So what works?

The best part of this game is splicing people together. You try out new combinations and luckily the game tells you if it’s a new combination, no combination, or a combination you’ve already unlocked.

So… Here’s an example.


The names are always clever, I appreciate that. So a disc jockey and a poet equals a rapper. I then choose what building to have him work in. If there were multiple options, I could splice more rappers so that I could fill all the different buildings. It’s a simple mechanic.

What doesn’t work?

Here’s my biggest complaint. I understand that a game is going to slow you down, usually this means needing to buy additional space or limiting you to a certain amount of moves or actions. Pixel People limits you by the first mechanism. You have a certain number of blocks that you can fill, with either homes, businesses, or landscaping. These go incredibly fast. When you upgrade, you get 10 spaces. I buy a home which takes 3 spaces, and build a few businesses, which can take from 1-4 spaces each. After just a couple businesses, I’m now maxed out.

Now, this isn’t a problem… but it takes ridiculously long to earn enough money to upgrade. I’ll spend 3-4 days raising money, without being able to build anything. Not fun, especially when you finally DO upgrade and then you build all your new stuff in a few minutes only. The payoff isn’t there.

There is some stuff to do, including seeking out unique hidden animals and professions. When you meet all the requirements, you get bonuses such as cash money or new professions.

pixel2But even though this is interesting, it’s hardly captivating enough for me to spend that much time working on these.

So… I’m at 101 professions discovered out of 211 but it’s taking me longer and longer to buy new plots of land. The main mechanism is super engaging but the game literally stops you from playing.


Solid idea, interesting yet simple graphics, and a relaxing premise can’t hold this game afloat when a crippling mechanism comes in and stops you from playing. Lower the ramp of money I would need to spend and I might invest more time into it.

Rating 3 star


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