Review: Oblivion



I’ve always been a fan of Tom Cruise. Most recently, I gave 5 stars to Mission Impossible: Ghost ProtocolWhen I saw the first trailers for Oblivion, I was intrigued but somewhat underwhelmed. I don’t know if the trailers really did the movie justice and I’ll discuss why later.

The gist.

The basic storyline is that Tom Cruise stars as Jack Harper, a mechanic in the near future that fixes up security robots when they malfunction or are attacked. The planet was attacked by an alien race known as “Scavs” and now the world is barely inhabitable. Harper and his partner have two weeks before they are going to rejoin the rest of society on one of Saturn’s moons.

What works?

Cruise definitely carries this movie on his own, as he spends much of it alone. The action set pieces are incredible and he’s able to pull off those quieter moments as well, as his character becomes contemplative about the world they live on. Cruise’s main costar is Andrea Riseborough (who I’m unfamiliar with) and she does a fantastic job as well, though much of her story is secret to us.

And then we have Morgan Freeman. The fact that he’s in this movie should have been a secret because he was a huge reveal and could’ve been that huge twist that we were waiting for, as an audience. But instead, I was constantly thinking “When is Morgan Freeman showing up?” And he’s not a pivotal role or given much screen time, they could’ve cast anyone as that role and really let it be the twist that it felt like the writers were aiming at. Freeman’s right-hand man is played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones). 

So was Morgan Freeman good? Sure. But the role wasn’t worthy of Morgan Freeman, if you get my drift.

The action was incredible and there were plenty of high-octane scenes that had me on the edge of my seat. I also commend the musical score because I noticed after these action scenes that the music perfectly complemented what was happening and was right on-point.

The entire look of the world was amazing as well, though the use of American landmarks was a little overdone and I question the general sense of geography, as landmarks appear to be relatively close to each other when they shouldn’t be. But the world looks great.

What doesn’t work?

My biggest complaint was that the trailers ruined one of the biggest moments of the film. Not THE biggest though, so you still have a few surprises waiting for you. But the whole mystery of the first half of the film is ruined because we have knowledge that our characters don’t have.

We have another female lead who starts to show up in Jack Harper’s dreams played by Olga Kurylenko. She’s fine I guess, but I didn’t sense any real chemistry between Cruise and her, which made their dynamic a little hard to believe.


Oblivion is a great movie that felt like it should be a June release. Tons of explosions, great work by Cruise, and a cool and original storyline. The trailers though managed to give away the huge reveal about Morgan Freeman’s character and somehow undersell the action of the movie. The movie is better than you’d think. Definitely worth seeing in theaters for the effects and soundtrack alone.

Rating 4 star


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