Review: Identity Thief


Identity Thief.

I’ve been a fan of Jason Bateman for awhile, mostly for his work on Arrested Development. And when I saw he was paired up with the hilarious Melissa McCarthy, I was stoked. PS, if you haven’t watched the episode of Saturday Night Live she hosted a year or so back, it’s one of my all-time favorites.

So, does this duo work? Or does the chemistry fall flat?

The gist.

Bateman stars as Sandy Bigelow Patterson, a mild-mannered financial manager that is struggling to make ends meet. Things get worse when a woman in Florida (McCarthy) steals his identity, his money, and begins racking up criminal charges, all under his name. The police say that the investigation could take up to a year, unless she was somehow brought right to their precinct. So Bateman goes on a cross-country trip to bring her back.

What works?

Bateman does his part exactly as expected. He’s the straight man to McCarthy’s ridiculous “Diana.” And she is absolutely ridiculous, but it works perfectly. She commits totally and completely. Most of the biggest laughs come from physical bits that usually end with her being hit by something or someone. There were quite a few big laugh moments where I literally had my hand over my mouth, wondering if this was really happening.

What doesn’t work?

While Bateman and McCarthy do exactly what they were directed to do, there’s a sense of chemistry that is just missing between them. And the supporting cast is generally forgettable, including rapper T.I. and the T-1000 himself Robert Patrick. John Cho is also around. Jon Favreau manages to steal the scene in his brief role in the movie but he nails it. Other than that, the cast is cluttered with talent without substance to work with.

I think this film left a similar taste in my mouth as The Hangover. The situations are so absolutely ridiculous that it alienates me as a viewer. I laughed out of shock but it wasn’t especially witty humor.I doubt this movie will have any sort of lasting appeal, unlike The Hangover though.


It’s funny for the moment but lacks any sort of lasting appeal. Bateman and McCarthy do their jobs well but the movie as a whole is forgettable. Definitely not worth a trip to the theatre, wait til it hits DVD.

Rating 3 star


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1 Response to Review: Identity Thief

  1. CMrok93 says:

    Good review Adam. At the end of the day, it is not the two leads that let this movie down, it is the material itself, which unfortunately causes the movie to be a slight rental recommendation at best.

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