Review: Jeff, Who Lives at Home

jeff who lives at home

Jeff, Who Lives at Home

I’m a big fan of Jason Segal so when I saw this relatively unknown gem show up on Netflix streaming, I dove right in. Paired with Segal, we’ve got Ed Helms, who I’ve never really liked. Also thrown into the mix is Susan Sarandon.

The gist.

Jason Segal plays Jeff, a 30-something guy who lives in the basement of his mom’s house and smokes weed all day. He’s not known for being productive, so his mom (Susan Sarandon) tells him that all he has to do today is take the bus down to the hardware store and buy wood glue so that he can fix a broken shutter. But when Jeff gets a phone call demanding to talk to Kevin, Jeff sees this wrong number as a sign from fate and follows it wherever it might take him. Along this journey, he runs across his successful brother, whose formerly perfect life is falling apart.

What works?

This is an extremely unpredictable movie and you can’t really pinpoint where the story might take you, which is rare. As Jeff follows the name “Kevin” through the movie, you’re just as surprised as he is, when things line up. Segal and Helms are both good but they’re also both exactly the same as they always are. Segal is witty and stubborn and Helms is frantic and loud. I did appreciate Sarandon’s story, as she gets a mysterious instant message from a coworker saying that they’re a secret admirer of hers.

The writing is pretty simple while the story may seem complicated. This is just a guy trying to get to the store to buy wood glue, who gets sidetracked by destiny.The ending however is well worth this journey, as we see two brothers truly connect in a unique way.

What doesn’t work?

Like I said, Segal and Helms don’t do anything they haven’t done before, but they’re both entertaining. The pacing is a little slow at times, as I caught myself checking my phone and texting someone, losing interest in the movie. Just a little sluggish.


You probably know if you’d like this. If you’re a fan of either Segal or Helms, you should find enough to entertain you. However they don’t do anything here that they haven’t already done (probably better). It’s funny, witty, and has that indie film touch of realism. You might find the pacing sluggish but the ending is well worth the journey.

Rating 3 star


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