Impressions: Iron Man 3 Trailer

Iron Man 3. If you’ve never stumbled upon my blog before, you may not know that I’m a huge Marvel fanatic and I’ve been anxiously awaiting Iron Man 3 for years, even before The Avengers. Well, the first trailer has been released and there’s a lot here to sort through. But first, watch the trailer before.

Now, what just happened?

Tony Stark is a broken man. He saved the day at the end of The Avengers but it wasn’t easy. He returns to his normal life but it seems like someone else has gotten their hands on Stark technology. In this trailer, we see War Machine (Don Cheadle) decked out in what’s called the Patriot armor, seemingly the new posterboy for the US government. We see Pepper Potts chained up, we see Tony’s house destroyed, and we see Tony broken and beaten in a pile of snow. Seems like insurmountable odds.

It seems like there’s a lot going on, I might have to reconsider my original thought that they’d try to fit in the Hulk into Iron Man 3. Yes, it’d be cool, but also likely unnecessary.

So what’s happening in this movie? What’s the plot?

There’s a villain called the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) who is looking to create a force of supersoldiers to dominate the globe. In the “Extremis” storyline from the comics, these men were made using a strand of the supersoldier serum given to Captain America. In this trailer, it looks like there are multiple Iron Man suits that he is competing with, similar to the finale of Iron Man 2. Maybe it’s a mix of both.

The character of the Mandarin is very fantastical. He wears ten rings on his hands that control various elements. It’s very mystical. In this film, it’ll likely be much more down-to-earth but seeing how Thor was able to pull off a very fantastical storyline, maybe this will go that route as well.

You see a few quick glimpses of other characters, including the newly added Guy Pearce and fan-favorite Jon Favreau (director of both of the previous Iron Man films) as Tony’s bodyguard.

In general though, the trailer is very destructive. This isn’t the happy-go-lucky Tony Stark that we fell in love with. This is a Tony Stark that is struggling to save the world by himself and may have to turn to his friends to help him. Will that mean cameos by other Avengers? Of course. After all this work to build a cohesive world, you can bet that at least a few Avengers will show up (at least in the after-credits scene to be sure).

I’m excited to see what Robert Downey Jr. can do with some more depth. We saw a taste in Iron Man 2 when he struggled to remain sober but he’s going to be beaten in a whole new and utterly physical way here. Get ready for the darkest Iron Man film and one that may reveal whole new layers of Tony Stark.

And I for one… am very excited about that.



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