Review: The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy.

It’s been years since I’ve watched any of the original Bourne movies featuring Matt Damon, but I can remember the basic gist. Amped up soldiers used by the government for black ops. Well, this new movie features Jeremy Renner (The Avengers, Hurt Locker, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) as a new soldier who relies on chemical supplements to stay alive. Because of Jason Bourne (Matt Damon), the government is now trying to clean up its mess but they get more than they can handle when they try to eliminate our hero.

Rachel Weisz stars as a scientist who’s been working on these chemical supplements and might be the only one able to help Renner survive without them. They then go on a world-trotting adventure.

What works?

Jeremy Renner is perfect for this role. I imagined that this was a Hawkeye (The Avengers) movie and I could see definite potential. He played supporting roles in both The Avengers and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol so it’s nice to see him in the main role. He sold it, but there were some definite flaws in the script. Rachel Weisz was also solid with what she was given.

What doesn’t work?

There’s a lot wrong here. The movie clocks in at over 2 hours long and it drags in a lot of places. There’s surprisingly little action and when it does happen, it’s not cool enough to keep you engaged. The major disappointment was the final action setpiece of the film, which is completely unsatisfying and the movie ends on a weird note, not really a cliffhanger but without any sort of real closure. I was surprised when the credits started rolling, even though I was begging for the movie to be over.

And while Renner and Weisz are both talented, the writing was very one-dimensional. Renner plays his amped up addict well but that’s the only side he gets to show. The whole movie he’s basically in decay but we never get that rewarding “He’s back in full effect!” moment that you’re desperately yearning for.

The last three Bourne films began to become too complicated when there were so many different projects and types of soldiers out there. Well, this movie takes it another step and it’s just ridiculous. They throw out code names of projects but none of them hold any weight. “This guy was Treadstone, but this soldier was Outcome, but then this guy is something else!” And everyone’s always shocked when they learn of new projects, but you think they’d come to expect it by now. The plot became contrived and unoriginal.


While this movie could have revitalized the franchise, it failed to do what Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol did. It backtracked, gave us an uninteresting story, and crowded us with complicated plot points. The action was too sparse and too weak. Renner and Weisz were fine but you could almost sense that it was uninteresting for them as well.  At 2+ hours long, the ending fails to create any sort of lasting moments and misses the mark. Looks like Renner will have to resort to his other two successful franchises because I doubt more Bourne films will follow after this.


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3 Responses to Review: The Bourne Legacy

  1. Fran says:

    Great review and on target. I love both Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Renner but you can see in the recent interviews with them that they are holding back their real opinion of the finish movie.

  2. r361n4 says:

    Agreed on the good review statement, I was a bit kinder with my score (5.5/10) but I completely agree with all of your points. Overall it felt like the cast did all they could with the characters they were given, but those characters were either not given much to do or felt like cut-and-paste versions of previous characters in the series (I.e. Norton’s character and Noah from Ultimatum)
    I think the main reason why it didn’t revitalize the franchise like MI4 did was that the franchise was so solid in the first place that it didn’t need revitalizing, and even if it did there was no way that could happen without the namesake character who made us fascinated by the series in the first place.

    Anyways feel free to check out my review of the film, I always love to hear feedback from other reviewers such as yourself 🙂

    P.s. I like your format, the separate sections make it nice and straightforward

  3. wackyindiankid says:

    that is something i had expected coming from tony gilroy. But if you take out the Jason Bourne from the character there wont be the same excitement about the movie anymore.

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