Review: Plants vs Zombies / Peggle (PS3)

While I was cruising on my Gamefly queue, I noticed the popular cell phone game Plants vs Zombies and I thought “Why not?” Well, it showed up and it turned that it was a double-disc that also included the hit Peggle, which I played on PC a while back. So how are these games? And how do they transition to the Playstation 3?

Plants vs Zombies

This game doesn’t do anything especially unique but it manages to appeal to several niche audiences which have made this game madly popular. People love zombies and people also love cutesy little flowers. They also have traditionally loved basic tower defense games, which this essentially is.

The game revolves around you planting things that somehow have the inherent intelligence and know-how to defend your home from zombies. As the game progresses, new types of zombies arise and new plants arrive to create new types of strategy. You can only select a finite amount of plants for each level, so you have to mix and match plants that you can use effectively. For example, if a zombie manages to tie himself to a balloon, you need plants that can shoot in the air. Otherwise, he’ll float right by you and take over your home.

I love tower defense games, so I had a blast playing this. There’s plenty of variation, including different level types and an alternating day/night mechanic which drastically changes your previous strategy.

How does it play on a console?I haven’t played this game on either PC or on a cell, so I can’t speak to that, but I didn’t notice any lack of control. You either navigate the grid with your d-pad or your joystick, both work just fine. Also, the graphics being presented in Bluray quality visuals was pretty astounding. Even though it’s a simple design, the colors were incredibly vibrant and the visuals were crisp.


This game also takes a common gameplay mechanic and builds a popular brand around it. This concept is the old Block/Brick Breaker idea: You shoot a ball at things and they go away. Peggle adds in cute little characters, unique powerups, and plenty of replayability and unique challenges to keep you playing for awhile.

Through the “Adventure” mode, you play a batch of levels and a certain character is telling you their story. That character determines what powerup is available. One character might allow your ball to be covered in fire and burn through everything, while another character may allow your ball to cause an explosion around the powerup. This gives each “chapter” a unique feel and offer unique challenges to completing them.

The version of Peggle that came with Plants vs Zombies also included the expansion Peggle Nights, which takes each character and puts a spin on them and creates a new batch of levels. For instance, the dragon changes his ways from wanting to destroy everything to wanting to become a firefighter instead. This adds a huge amount of new levels and tons of playability.

In addition to the two “adventure modes,” there are plenty of challenges which consist of trying to get certain scores or trying to beat a level with a limited number of shots. These are do-able but hard enough that you have to try a few times likely.

How does it play on PS3?

I played Peggle on PC so it is definitely different on a console. It’s actually much harder on PS3. On the PC, you could basically move your mouse to where you wanted to hit and when you launched the ball, it would hit that spot. That mechanic isn’t available on the PS3, you just move the cannon from left to right basically. So it makes it a little harder to hit those hard to reach locations. Otherwise, there’s not a lot of controls needed. Just shooting, everything else is just watching the ball bounce around.


So, both of these games are available on one disc, is this worth you checking out? I have a soft spot for these casual games that you don’t really need to spend a lot of time on and really don’t stress you out. So for me, yes. It was a fun rental and gave me something different, while I move on to more serious gaming after this. If you’re a fan of games like this, you already know if you’ll like this double-pack.


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