Review: Work It (Pilot)

Work It. This is the worst television show I’ve ever seen. I know, I know. It seems like this show would go over huge… I mean, how could anyone possibly 1.) be offended, 2.) be angry, or 3.) be confused about this show?

Okay, sarcasm aside.

Here’s what doesn’t work:

We’ve got three lead characters, each who had significant roles in awesome TV shows. We have Benjamin Koldyke who is coming off a stint on How I Met Your Mother, Amaury Nolasco who played Sucre in Prison Break, and then Rebecca Mader who played Charlotte on Lost. I love all three of those shows. And to have them all commit this treacherous act against us just makes my stomach turn. I can see Benjamin Koldyke wanting to take the dive into comedy, but why would Amaury Nolasco, who’s done a lot more serious roles, jeopardize everything he’s done so far? Work It will be the last entry on their resume for a long time.

Is the show offensive? Yes. A man can put on a dress, barely change his voice, and act like a buffoon… and that somehow is convincing as a woman? His idiotic behavior isn’t even questioned by anyone in the show, leading us to believe that all of these characters are incredibly stupid or this is how they truly perceive women to behave. “It’s just comedy, relax!” I didn’t laugh at all. I can understood pushing the boundaries, but this is territory that has been explored and wasn’t worth revisiting.

Is the show funny? Again, no. It made me sad at the very core of my being. Sad for these actors and the entire crew that now have attached their name to a project like this. It’s a shame really. If the show attempted to tackle anything above the “I’m in a dress hee haw” jokes, I might have appreciated it. But this blatant and over the top infantile comedy, paired with a subject that demeans half of the world’s population… it’s too far.

Does anything work? No. I was embarrassed for the cast.

The show’s plot is that jobs are tight and men will do anything to support their family. I think our two male leads proved that point extremely well by taking these roles.


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