Adam’s Rules: Using Sidewalks

Adam’s Rules: Using Sidewalks

It happens a lot. There’s a long stretch of sidewalk and you see someone approaching and you do that little dance of who’s going to get out of the way. Or maybe you’ve come across the notorious “slow walker.” For this reason, we need some rules.

This diagram makes sense, right? Does it look familiar? The sidewalk should be treated like a street, if you were driving a car. Walkers should always be on their right edge. This way, you should never collide.

These two little guys are about to collide. Someone could get hurt.

Now, this only factors in a few individuals and some very basic rules involving opposing traffic. Now, let’s look at more individuals involved.

If you’re walking with a group of people, you should not take up the entire sidewalk unless you are clear of opposing traffic. You shouldn’t force someone to walk on the grass or whatever. That’s just rude.

I get frustrated just thinking about this. The large group obviously sees the poor guy coming, so why not form ranks and avoid the embarrassment? Please remember this.

And now, the most common issue that I have regarding sidewalks, which also resonates with traffic. Slow walkers.

If you’re walking whatever speed and someone is on your ass, you need to give them room. If you’re driving on the freeway and you’re dead even with a car behind you, you need to speed up and get out of their way or (a lesser evil) slow down and then pull over to another lane.

If you’re walking and someone wants past, for heaven’s sake, let them. I’m a relatively fast walker and I always feel like a creep because I’m right in their grill and they don’t get it.

Okay, seriously. That last little guy looks so frustrated. I know I feel like that a lot.

Now, you may think this is hilarious because it’s true. But this is no joke. Please utilize these rules in public and save us from horrific and possibly tragic incidents that could easily be avoided.

If you found this useful, keep an eye for the next topic of “Adam’s Rules” which will focus on the rights and responsibilities of sitting shotgun (including chivalry vs. shotgun rules, music choice, and how to keep the driver awake and entertained). Link here!


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4 Responses to Adam’s Rules: Using Sidewalks

  1. Alex says:

    Haha! I agree with you, though I experience less of this frustration living in a low-key neighborhood.

  2. nottooclever says:

    Solution: Bike bell + move to Japan:

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