Review: Denny’s Holiday Menu

Denny’s 2011 Holiday Menu.

If we haven’t talked about this, let me say right now that I am a huge fan of Denny’s. I have never been disappointed. I also have a low standard for a quality meal, but I found it to always be exactly what my heart yearns for. And a Cherry Cherry Limeade will always make me happy.

I reviewed Baconalia back in the day (it was one of my first blog posts actually). So when I rolled into Denny’s tonight and I saw they had a few new seasonal items, I thought Hey, I should try these out and let people know how they are! And here we are.

I’m going to go over the details and then rank each new item on the menu.

Pumpkin Pancakes

I’m a sucker for pumpkin pie and pumpkin lattes, so I thought this might be along the same lines. I was expecting super sweet, but it was actually pretty calm. Calm enough that the syrup managed to bring out the flavor, not give me an instant cavity.

Bread Pudding French Toast

I like bread pudding, but it tends to be dry. I love bread pudding that has a pretty wet consistency, as opposed to a solid block. This bread pudding french toast was way too solid and dry. Even with syrup, it was a pretty solid block and lacked taste. Nice try.

Brown Sugar Ham Steak

When you build a Grand Slam, there isn’t another ham option, but this bad boy will be everything you need. There’s a subtle glaze of brown sugar, just enough to sweeten the ham but not enough to make it sweet. Perfect combination.


This holiday season, when you feel like a filling meal or comfort food, Denny’s is there for you. Hope you enjoy!


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