Dreamscape: Terror of the Skies

I’m in a mall of some sort. This dream starts off normal enough. I’m paying for a few things. After I pay the cashier, he forgets about me and leaves. I have to improvise and find my own bags, so I find two backpacks and I load all my stuff inside. I carry my two backpacks (which I didn’t pay for, don’t tell anyone) and I walk outside.

It’s dark. And rainy. It feels like I’m in Oregon. The air is fresh and the sky is dark. I’m standing at a turnabout right outside the mall, where parents probably pick up their kids at curfew. I put down my backpacks.

I hear a shrieking. In the sky, I see the outline of something with wings, like a large bat. I run away from the turnabout, towards the edge of this hill. I jump down. I’m jumping from rock to rock, but I see that I’m nearing a lake. I stop and I look up the hill behind me. It’s coming towards me.

It shoots downward and I feel the rush of air. It nearly misses me. I realize I can’t go any further this direction, so I turn around and I leap back up the hill. I’m now running on a street, through an abandoned city that feels like some sort of ski resort. There are paths that cross the street above me, connecting the stores. There are Christmas lights up. But there is no one around.

It tackles me. I roll on the ground and look up at what attacked me. It resembles a kid… but with large leathery wings. I kick him away.

As I continue to run, I see someone else. Their face is a blur. But I remember what they told me. I need to take this kid, the one with the wings. He needs to be around people. For some reason, I agree.

Now we’re in front of this cave. This is where the kid lives. He has two friends who are moving all his stuff out. One of them shows me polaroids of them growing up together. The batboy comes out with a suitcase and he looks much nicer now that he’s not trying to kill me. I take his suitcase and we walk to my car.

That’s all I remember.


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