Rental Review: Killers

Killers. This movie sounds like something that might star Steve Austin or Jean Claude Van-Damme. But it’s not. Instead it stars Katherine Heigl as the neurotic and oblivious female lead to Ashton Kutcher’s witty and charismatic secret agent.

The basic premise is that Ashton used to be a secret agent but gave the job up to be with Heigl and settle down. Three years later, all of a sudden people start trying to kill him. Basically that’s it. It’s a fun movie, with the same blend of action, comedy, and romance as movies like “Mr and Mrs Smith.” The only real difference is that both Angelina and Brad were secret agents, as opposed to Katherine Heigl being completely un-involved in this film. It adds for a different dynamic.

So, is it good? It is. It’s funny and charming and generally puts you in a good mood. The action scenes are actually pretty impressive, especially considering the actors were are responsible for pulling them off. Heigl and Kutcher have chemistry but it’s definitely Kutcher that holds the movie up. He’s got that easy charm where it’s hard not to like him.

If you have Netflix streaming, this is available instantly and it’s a good relaxing summer movie. I’m not promising an Oscar contender but it’s fun and it’ll waste a few hours.


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