Facebook Review: Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis. This city-building and fantasy warfare Facebook game has potential. But it also frustrates me to no end.

Here’s the downlow. You build a city. You need houses to increase population and then you need garrisons to turn these people into warriors or recruit dragons/giants/minotaurs. You can then attack anyone and everyone.

Here’s the good thing. This game isn’t dependent on you having friends that play. Or maybe it does, and that’s why I’m so frustrated. I have zero people that I know playing this game (I think?) so I’ve been pretty much riding solo. I’ve built up my empire and it looks like this:

The bars on the upper right show what I’m building. I’m upgrading my city walls, researching masonry to increase my stone production, and I’m training 227 battle dragons.

So here’s where the game gets frustrating: At this point, I’m supposed to do 2 things. I’m supposed to build a second city but I need to find a rare water dragon egg before I can do that. And I’m supposed to give my dragon armor so that he can fly into battle with me. Not just any dragon, the big green one up there chillin in the middle of my city.

But I cannot for the life of me find any sort of water dragon egg or any sort of dragon armor. I’ve been playing this game for maybe 2 months? I was like, “I’ll write a review when my dragon’s all decked out.” There are four pieces of armor he needs and I haven’t found any. I cruise through the world and attack everything I can see. You’re supposed to find water eggs in “lakes” but I’ve attacked hundreds of lakes and haven’t found anything. You’re supposed to attack wild camps of marauders to find dragon armor. Nada. I’m just building up my forces. And every once in awhile, I’ll attack another player’s city but then the retaliation is endless. I’ll login in the morning and I’ll have been pillaged all night long and all my resources are gone.

It’s a harsh world out there.

If the game wasn’t so frustrating at these early levels, I would love it. The city building is natural and makes sense. The combat is quick and easy to understand. But I’ve hit this wall and it’s making me consider giving up the game. There’s an option to join an Alliance but I haven’t found many perks. There’s no in-game group feature that allows any sort of posting, other than messages from the head-honchos of the group. I have no idea who else is in the group and there’s no messageboard function for communication.

Okay, here’s something that just happened. I’m cruising right, looking for this stupid water egg. I attack this lake and they manage to kill every dragon I have. It took me probably a week to raise enough dragons to even attack these higher level lakes.

I quit. I’m frustrated. End of story.


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2 Responses to Facebook Review: Dragons of Atlantis

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  2. Renee says:

    BEWARE! This game is chock full of hackers, cheaters, scripters and exploiters. Customer support is unresponsive with up to 1-2 month wait times even on urgent issues. Frequent promotions are held to encourage ruby purchases, but prizes are NEVER awarded on time. Worst of all – and READ CAREFULLY – you may spend weeks or months building your army only to have them vanish in a nanosecond due to in-game bugs. This last fact alone should repel all players. Find a game where you don’t see your progress vanish in a heartbeat. Too many better games out there….

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