Questions That Need To Be Asked: X-Men

In this edition of Questions That Need To Be Asked, we’ll be looking at the animated X-Men series from the 90s (currently watchable on Netflix streaming).

Why does Gambit have red eyes?

Gambit is a mysterious dude. I’ll buy the fact that he throws playing cards (how many decks do you think he carries at once?). But what I’m confused about… is why his eyes are always glowing red. I literally have no idea. Is it his explosive mutant power overflowing? Is it just an aestethic to make him look more badass/mysterious?

How can Storm’s mutant ability also change her clothes?

Storm is just cruising around. And when she runs into evil, she summons the power of lightning and all of a sudden her clothes change. Rogue will fly around and fight in a dress. Cyclops is sometimes just wearing normal clothes. Why can’t Storm just be content with her street clothes? When she starts summoning thunderstorms, her clothes just magically transform. An extra bonus superpower? The power to control the weather… and super sense of style?

Why doesn’t Cyclops’ vision destroy his own eyelids?

Cyclops is able to destroy just about anything using his optic beams (except whatever red metal his shades are made out of). So… How is he able to close his eyes? If his optic beams can sever a man in half, why wouldn’t it just obliterate his eyelids? Annnnd how is he able to control his blasts without his hands? I understand when he keeps a hand by his visor and turns it on/off. But hands-free? It can’t just be opening and closing his eyes, because then he would be fighting with his eyes closed most of the fight. So, either there’s something I don’t understand or I’ve never given Cyclops the props he deserves for essentially fighting blind-folded.

Which came first: Wolverine’s mask or Wolverine’s hair?

Wolverine has a very distinct hairstyle (for the real world anyways). In the cartoon, both Wolverine and Beast rock the same exact hair. You can’t not notice that now. You’re welcome. Anyways… Do you think they made Wolverine’s mask with those sharp edges so that his hair would fit? Or do you think his hair is because of that mask? I’m inclined to say that they made the mask because of his hair. That’s pretty superficial. Wolverine is tough as nails but he doesn’t want hat-hair so he demands a mask that fits perfectly to his signature look?

Why do characters that never joined the X-Men in the cartoon have a giant X on their outfit?

The cartoon did a great job of having the X-Men characters that we know and love look exactly like they did in the comic books. But it doesn’t make sense to me when they introduce Bishop and he’s travelled back in time and he’s sporting a big “X” on his shoulder. Or Cable, who’s also time-hopping around, wears an X-Men belt. In the comics, they both were members of various X-teams but in the cartoon, they were just meeting the X-Men for the first time. I appreciate the look… but it didn’t make sense.

I wear an X because it's fashionable.

How was Jubilee never hurt in battle?

Seriously, she shot fireworks from her hands. How did the Juggernaut not destroy her? Wolverine was almost killed on multiple occasions. How did Jubilee remain unscathed?

Why is Jubilee wearing a raincoat?

Maybe she got sick of Storm always making it rain.

Why is Professor X bald?

He doesn’t have alopecia. His eyebrows are crazy. Does he shave? I don’t think so. Does he mentally keep his hair from growing? That’d be a sweet superpower.

Edit: Some episodes, it looks like he doesn’t have eyebrows. What the what?

What other questions do you think need to be asked?


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2 Responses to Questions That Need To Be Asked: X-Men

  1. Bishop has an X on his costume because at one point he was part of the X-Men and also X-Force (Cable was the leader of the X-Force). The cartoon took the costumes straight from the comics, so even if that story line was created in the comics yet, they still used those costumes. Plus, Bishop and Cable time traveled, so who knows what order things were actually happening from their perspectives.

    Besides X-Men and X-Force, there was also X-Factor and Generation X, which all used X’s on their uniforms/costumes.

    • adamryen says:

      You forgot Excalibur. But I was a huge fan of Generation X. I even watched the live action movie they made of it for Fox. Horrible. Horrible horrible horrible.

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