Rental Review: Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver’s Travels. I’m a fan of Jonathan Swift (A Modest Proposal is brilliant) and I’m generally a fan of Jack Black, but somehow this combination proved to be volatile.

I’m going to give a lot of spoilers because I want to convince you not to see this movie.

In the novel by Swift, Gulliver is a travel who goes on four journeys. The most memorable is when he visits the land of Lilliput, where he is a giant compared to them. The other journeys include a land where he is instead a tiny version of them, one where he interacts with science and magic (a satire on scientific research of the time), and then a land dominated by horses that talk. In this last journey, humans exist as mere neanderthals and are referred to as “yahoos,” the origin of the popular slang term. The more you know.

In this Jack Black rendition, we follow two of the four journeys, though the storyline focuses on Lilliput.

Here’s my problem… This movie takes one of the greatest satires ever written and a work of art, and turns it into a horrible movie which resorts to the comedy for the lowest common denominator and it made me groan for a straight two hours.

It can’t be that bad, can it? Yes. Jack Black puts out a fire by peeing on it. And of course they resort to him accidentally peeing on some of the little people. Unnecessary. As the Lilliputians try to tie him up and drag him down, they accidentally pull his pants down and he falls down on them. Really? Jonathan Swift’s work of art which still stands up against scrutiny, turned into Jack Black’s bare ass falling down on miniature people. It is horrible and a travesty.

Even without knowing Swift’s work, this was horrible and I felt embarrassed to even have been watching it. Part of me even wondered if I should write this review, because I’d have to confess watching this.

But I wanted to save you from this horrible horrible experience.

The only saving grace was the ease and charm of Jason Segal, who can’t do wrong in my book. I wished he would have read the script and said, “Wait, his pants are around his ankles and he falls down on miniature people? This is ridiculous.” But unfortunately, he suffered a lack of judgment.


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