Dreamscape: Firebreather/Kitten Recycling

I’m going to jot down two dreams I’ve had recently, since they’re both pretty short.


I’m standing in a house with my good buddy Daven. He’s informed me that his wife Rachel has been traveling into other dimensions and stealing things.

I immediately hurry home and find that my television is gone. I don’t get angry often but I was in such a rage, I ran to my balcony and began to breathe fire. The palm trees surrounding my complex lit up in flames. I remember vividly the feeling of breathing fire. It felt like there was phlegm in my throat.


I’m holding a kitten. And I’m at a gas station of some kind. A scary bald dude (I know, I’m a hypocrite) comes up to me and offers to recycle the kitten. I love cats but for some reason, I agree.

I hand over the cat and he immediately throws it towards a big mean dog that is barking like crazy. I flip out and I attack the guy. I push him back and I remember yelling in his face, “Back off or I will kick you in half!” In my dream, I threatened to kick someone in half. That is awesome.

Pretty much it. Two short but awesome dreams.


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1 Response to Dreamscape: Firebreather/Kitten Recycling

  1. I never knew someone else could have such bizarre and awesome dreams as well.

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