Review: How Do You Know

How Do You Know. This is another movie I added to my queue on a whim and then it magically showed up at my door. But was it a good choice?

Here’s the downlow. Reese Witherspoon is going out with pro-athlete Owen Wilson. But she meets neurotic businessman Paul Rudd and starts to question what kind of man she really wants to be with. And then Jack Nicholson is around.

So, the movie is essentially a romantic comedy, with a few nods to adult-genre humor which is right up Rudd and Wilson’s alley. Witherspoon is exactly the same as she is in pretty much every movie. No one really stretches their acting chops here, actually. Rudd is cynical and witty, Wilson is kind of oblivious and obviously recalled Hansel from Zoolander in a few scenes, and then Nicholson is gruff and kind of mean. Surprises all around! I guess Rudd, Wilson, and Witherspoon did what they were paid to, but Nicholson was forgettable and could have been played by any grumpy old man in a suit.

The movie is pretty much what you’d expect. It’s kind of superficial and predictable but there are a few moments that shine and a few that are completely ridiculous and unnecessary. It isn’t until about halfway through that the movie starts to make sense. A few times early on, I almost turned it off.

But I’m glad I didn’t. The character that annoyed me and confused actually gave me a scene towards the end that had me in tears. I guess it took awhile for me to really get into it. It paid off, though, and I really enjoyed the film as a whole, but the first half just really left a bad taste in my mouth. It was uncomfortable and didn’t fit together, it felt like two separate movies. But when they came together, I understood.

Overall. A decent rental if you’re looking for something for a Sunday afternoon but nothing spectacular and no performances that will leave you awed. But if you want a predictable and kind of charming romantic comedy, this is a solid bet.


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  1. You should add some sort of rating system to your reviews. Whether is be a letter grade, a 1-10 scale, or a star system, it would be helpful for comparing the reviews.

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