Review: Love and Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs. I knew zero about this movie but I like Jake Gyllenhall and Anne Hathaway, so why not?

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. I popped in the DVD and I was ready for whatever kind of movie this was. Would it be funny? Would it emotional? Would it be a generally enjoyable film? The answer is yes on all accounts.

Let me set the stage for you.

Jake Gyllenhall stars as a rep for the drug company Pfizer. He is making the rounds and trying to increase sales of Zoloft, as opposed to Prozac. He meets Anna Hathaway’s character, who is suffering from early-onset Parkinsons. I know this might seem like a spoiler, but they end up kind of falling for each other (the movie has Love in the title, I apologize if you didn’t get the memo that love might be involved in this story).

Well, the chemistry is amazing between these two but there are some significant things keeping them apart, which is where the meat of the film comes from. Anne Hathaway’s character knows that she will end up being unable to even care for herself, so she’s distanced herself from anyone who might get close. Jake Gyllenhall’s character is a player who is used to one-night-stands and fleeting romances. He ends up falling for her but she struggles to let him get close enough.

In the end, this is a highly satisfying journey. It’s emotional and both stars really shine bright here. Anne Hathaway’s cynical outlook paired with Gyllenhall’s hopeless devotion is an amazing sight to behold. And surprisingly, the movie is pretty funny as well, even though it sounds like a complete downer. Halfway through the film, Pfizer starts developing Viagra, so you can expect a few jokes at its expense.

Overall, this movie was really enjoyable. It’s available for rent now, so put it in your queue or stop by your local rental place and pick it up.


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