Dreamscape: City in the clouds

I was in a little village somewhere, it reminded me of Oregon. It was drizzling and foggy. My mom and dad were both there and it felt like we were going somewhere and we had just stopped for food or something.

I asked my mom where we were going and she pointed up to this high mountain and there was a city that was floating on the clouds, like some sort of weird Avatar thing. She said she’d meet me there, and her and my dad took off.

I go into the parking lot of this place, which seems like a rest stop or restaurant or something, and I look for my car. For some reason, I have my old car Zippy, which I had through high school and my first year of college. I hop into Zippy and then I drive up to this mountain.

When I get to the city, it looks like there are solid chunks of ground sitting on top of clouds. I park Zippy and walk out to the city.

I am greeted by Steve Bushemi. He gives me a little tour and tells me that this place is magical, anything is possible.

He walks me to a huge mirror and we look inside. I look like Jessica Simpson and he looks like Miley Cyrus. Super weird, I know. I look back at Steve Bushemi and it’s like I suddenly understand.

There was another adventure that took place here but I woke up and I can’t remember. I went back to bed and the dream started over, but turned out differently.

I’m at the restaurant in the woods. My mom and dad just left, though this time we’re supposed to drive to Seattle to visit relatives. The city in the clouds doesn’t exist in this dream.

I go out to find my car and Zippy is nowhere. I look in front of the restaurant, I look in the staff only parking behind the restaurant… Someone stole my car.

I walk into the restaurant and it’s like a truck stop. A guy passes me in slow motion with a cigarette and a trucker hat, he looks guilty. After he passes me, he starts running. I follow him down to the basement and I’m thinking how did this happen when I first dreamt it? I’m trying to connect the dots and get back to the dream I was trying to recount.

I end up down in the basement and it’s like a huge men’s bathroom. There are urinals everywhere, like hundreds of them. But it’s also like a sweatshop, there are people making things and like sewing and stuff. I push through the back door and I end up in the parking lot again. He’s gone. I look up to the mountains and there’s nothing there.

And I wake up again. I could’ve risked more and gone back in and tried to connect the dots, but I already forgot a huge chunk of what happened. So this will have to do.


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1 Response to Dreamscape: City in the clouds

  1. Tracy Phutikanit says:

    I just like that your old car was named Zippy.

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