Dreamscape: Ghost

I’m standing on the side of a mountain, on a rickety old bridge that runs along the side. In front of me is a gap in the walkway, with the bridge extending out over a vast openness.

That is the closest thing I could find.

Standing on the other side of where the bridge has broken, is a girl. She tells me it’s okay to jump. I say no thanks. Instead, I find an old ladder and I’m going to put it upright, climb to the top, and when the ladder falls, I’ll land on the other side of this gap.

Instead, the ladder collapses and I fall down and crash onto the rocks and die.

Somehow I’m still conscious. I climb up the side of the bridge and find the girl. She’s crying and I try to comfort her but she can’t see me. I wave my hands in front of her to no avail. I’m a ghost.

I spend a few minutes trying to talk to her.

Then, I realize what I have to do: I have to time travel back to before I died and cross the bridge so I can help her. I think it’s funny that in my dream, this is a legitimate idea.

And then POOF, I’m back to where I started, ladder in hand. But why would I do the same thing? Instead, I put the ladder down and create a makeshift bridge across the gap. I crawl across it on my hands and knees. When I get to the other side, the girl is mad that I cheated and tried a second time and she kicks me down into the valley again. 

This time I wake up right before I hit the ground.


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