Review: Easy A


Easy A. I had no idea what this movie was really about until I saw it pop up as an option for Netflix streaming. It was a Sunday afternoon and I had nothing to do, so why not?

I was actually pleasantly surprised, probably because I had no preconceptions.

In a nutshell, Emma Stone starts a lie which avalanches into the whole school thinking that she’s hooking up with every guy on campus. Guys are paying her with gift cards in exchange for her lying about them hooking up. It sounds interesting but it didn’t lure me to the box office.

I found some unique little nuggets hidden under the layer which might attract fans of “American Pie” or any other raunchy high school movie. There’s more going on here.

The high school guys that are paying her to spread rumors are doing so to escape ridicule and to make the high school experience more bearable. One guy is gay but thinks that by being a player, he would become popular instead of tormented. One kid is teased for being fat and thinks that by spreading this lie, girls might start to like him. It’s actually sad (and resonated deeply with me). This is strangely close to the reality of our youth. This movie plays with the idea of sexuality as a means to popularity in a deeper way than traditional “I need to get laid by graduation!” lines that have become cliche.

This movie also features some amazing supporting actors. Stanley Tucci is HILARIOUS as usual as Emma Stone’s father. I would quote one of his many quoteable lines but out of context, this would prove futile. Malcom McDowell is her high school principal who she often has to see once she becomes the school’s resident harlot. Thomas Haden Church and Lisa Kudrow star as a teacher and guidance counselor who are married. Church has a way about portraying so much with so little. There is incredible depth in him that I found really interesting.

Without giving away a whole lot, the movie really touches on a lot of real issues that plague both highschoolers and adults alike and handles it with a levity that is appreciated but enough seriousness to not make a mockery of a real issue.

I would definitely recommend renting it (or streaming it) and giving it a chance. I found it interesting and refreshing. Sound off in the comments what you thought of it.


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2 Responses to Review: Easy A

  1. Ry says:

    I totally agree, much better than expected. The parents are awesome.

  2. Jessi says:

    Ahhhhhh I love this movie so hard! Hilarious, well executed, good fun.

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