Dreamscape: Behind the Veil

I couldn’t sleep last night so I ended up watching this movie on Netflix streaming about what dreams are and what researchers think they mean, etc. Some really interesting tidbits.

I knew that people dreamt in REM sleep (rapid-eye movement) but I didn’t know that people dreamt in Non REM sleep (deep sleep). They are doing studies now that there is an actual difference in the type of dreams in these two different states.

In REM sleep, there’s usually an obstacle. These dreams are the scary or adventurous kind. A test was done to see what someone’s attitude was when they were woken up after a REM dream and they had a lot of negativity and a poor self-image. There is an emerging trend that people that dream often in REM sleep also have a tendency to be depressed, since they have this constant negative energy in their mind.

Non REM dreams are more positive and creative, where you actually overcome the challenges that might face you in real life. Some researchers believe that this is your mind preparing you for the future (one researcher even goes so far as to say that these dreams are inherited from your ancestors to learn from their mistakes). When you’re woken after a Non REM dream, you have a high self-image and generally more positive feelings.

Both dreams force your mind to be creative and face challenges, thus inferring that those that dream often have a higher ability to think outside the box. Dream labs have been studying those that dream often and comparing critical thinking tests to those that don’t dream often, and the dreamers have a significantly higher score on these critical thinking tests.

How does this make me feel? I know that I’m creative. And I know that I have a history of depression, so it makes sense that I would struggle with the fact that most of my sleeping state is spent in a hectic and crazy world. It’s hard to be positive when you wake up and you just got hit in the face with shrapnel.

Anyways. Crazy interesting.


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