Review: The Force Unleashed 2

The Force Unleashed 2 by LucasArts follows what I thought was an incredible beginning to the franchise. It combines a brand new Star Wars storyline (who doesn’t love that?) and then the ability to be the BADASS Jedi warrior that you’ve always imagined being.

The first time around, The Force Unleashed gave me an exhilerating ride through a lot of different levels and some amazing battles and generally made me feel like I really had the force at my fingertips.

Unfortunately, this sequel falls flat on its face. The exotic locations of the original have been scrapped and you really only experience two different levels. The combat is still amazing but it doesn’t matter when I’ve finished the game in under 5 hours. That’s child’s play.

The story is entirely too short and not a whole lot happens. You start off at one place, go to another planet to find a buddy of yours, and then decide to return to your original location. It’s boring and a sham of a storyline. The combat COULD have made this a great game, but the story makes you almost not want to play it. I had no idea what was happening, other than me killing tons of stormtroopers.

If Force Unleashed 3 ever comes out, developers take notice. Your combat is awesome, BUT GIVE US A STORY. There should be choices. The allure of Star Wars is the idea of the light versus the dark side. Let me choose if I want to be the hero or villain. Most games incorporate moral choice in some way and this game is perfect for that.

Overall, maybe rent it if you really love Star Wars but expect it to seem like a cave drawing in comparison to what you love.


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